Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fish fried

Let's get fishy!

Progress, slow but sure
 I've been busy over the last month. Primarily I have been working away at my tau army trying to get them done for phase one of my local tale of 40+ gamers. I figured I would take a minute or two to just go over my work so far. So first of all, I finally settled on a scheme for sure, I had some doubt as to how good my original devilfish looked and thought that More true to status camo would be better. After almost destroying my second devilfish with needless coats of paint attempting higher contrast camo I've concluded that this is not the case.

First reaction I got to this picture on facebook was 'ewww'
 The camo is a pretty simple scheme with large amounts of  stippling. To the right here you see my Pallette after painting the Chassis of my 2nd devilfish. I started with a scorched brown basecoat. I then stippled the model (and my brush) to death following this order: Dark flesh, vermin brown, graveyard earth, vermin brown, scorched brown, dark flesh, graveyard earth, vermin brown, then finally scorched brown.
Stippling is not brush friendly
Instead of investing in a stippling brush I figured my old drybrush would be suitable... As a matter of fact it was not. However the frayed end the resulted from the destruction of the brush actually produces a great pattern when stippling, so it all works well in the end.

Just a short post today to show off what I've been up to, I'm incredibly tired and so while I want to post about more I figure I better not so I can save it for later for a more coherent post. Stay tuned for army lists and fluff. Also last bit of info I figured I would share before I go, I've settled on a name for the sept that this army hails from, it is the Si'lan sept(pronounced see lawn)

Anyway thats it for now, tune in next time to learn more about the Si'lan sept and more of Jenn's crazy adventures.