In my late night goofing around on the internet experiences I have come upon something another blogger was doing that seems like a really cool idea as a means to keep track of where I am at in the completion progress of my army. So naturally I am going to steal that idea! Basically Im just going to be keeping a unit by unit progress report for my fantasy army showing where each and every model is in terms of progress. Doing this will, in theory, inspire me to actually get my crap done in time for big tournaments.So without any further ado, my progress list:

Lords and Heroes:
Dayana, Mahalia, Blanche, BsB: Painted and based
Dayana's Chariot: WIP, being built, needs extensive green stuff

24 warriors of chaos: Built, needs painting and basing
-Command group: Built, needs painting and basing
7 Chaos Warriors: Need building
10 Chaos Marauder horsemen: partially built
20 Chaos Warhounds: Built, needs painting and basing

Eye of Tzeentch: Built, based, needs painting 
Eye of Tzeentch: Built, needs basing and painting.