Thursday, July 12, 2012

Back in Black

Hey folks, I've decided that it's time for me to toss my hat back into the blogosphere... However I will no longer be posting on The Next Jenn... Mainly because I am no longer Jenn. There's a long story as to why that is that I'm not particularly into telling right now, but you can find the cliff notes version in my introductory post over on Mindshackled Musings. Long story short, You can look forward to regular posting on a regular schedule with some extra gribbly bits and a new format under my new guise, "Nemesor Sombrero" (ooh intimidating and sexy at the same time, I <3 my new name). Anyway lets get this party started, I know I'm ready to do some srsbloggage.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where have I been?

Well of course I've been entirely too busy lately, I've got this strange addiction to this game called WoW thats definitely been getting in the way of my hobby perhaps just a little too much lately. Top that off with work and working on getting a second job and unfortunately my favorite hobby is just not getting as much attention as I would like it to be getting. Regardless my Tau have come along way, I completed my army for phase 1 and phase 2 is well on its way, unfortunately my procrastinating has gotten the best of me so I do not think I will be completing the painting on time. Anyway, without further ado, my fully painted 500 point Tau force:
It's rare for me to be painting as much as I have lately, it takes great acts of will to get me to sit down in the painters chair so I am very proud of getting as far as I did. Anyway I figured I'd give you a quick rundown of the list and show you some closer up pics.
He's a little shy, very hard to get him to show his face in pictures.

 So first up we've got my Shas'el, leader of my little 500 point force and guinea pig for my Battlesuit paint scheme. It's pretty straight forward, the majority of it was done with the old brown and blue citadel inks. The sept colors for my army are spacewolves grey and blood red, you can see them in the lining and markings on the shas el as well as the missile casing.



To the left is the shas'el's  body gaurd, this is a work in progress pic before I had lined and painted the sept colors on to the model. I did a little bit of mod work slicing off the left arm at the elbow and repositioning it in a more imposing (and less static) pose. Above you can see the model from another angle with a comparison from the stock arm and the modified arm. The picture was taken while I was playing my first 1000 point game with the army against Spacewolves. Unfortunately the game just so happened to be a loss. apparently with three rounds of shooting two Hammerheads with railguns can't down a dread when hitting rear armor... Who knew? Anyway I carried over the paint scheme I used with my battlesuits over to my fire warriors. they turned out much better than the camo scheme I had originally planned on using for them. To my right you can see the first squad I completed. Altogether Im happy with the way the army is turning out and the devilfish more than surpass my expectations. Going forward I have added two railgun hammerheads and a Shas'o with a plasma rifle and twin linked missile pod taking me up to 1000. Only two more months left until the Tale of 40 gamers even is over, I plan on finishing phases 3 and 4 with no more hiccups. Below is the full 1000 point army before painting. I've finished the Chassis on one of the Hammerheads but other than that the rest still needs to be painted, wish me luck, Im gonna need it if Im gonna get it done in the next two days...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fish fried

Let's get fishy!

Progress, slow but sure
 I've been busy over the last month. Primarily I have been working away at my tau army trying to get them done for phase one of my local tale of 40+ gamers. I figured I would take a minute or two to just go over my work so far. So first of all, I finally settled on a scheme for sure, I had some doubt as to how good my original devilfish looked and thought that More true to status camo would be better. After almost destroying my second devilfish with needless coats of paint attempting higher contrast camo I've concluded that this is not the case.

First reaction I got to this picture on facebook was 'ewww'
 The camo is a pretty simple scheme with large amounts of  stippling. To the right here you see my Pallette after painting the Chassis of my 2nd devilfish. I started with a scorched brown basecoat. I then stippled the model (and my brush) to death following this order: Dark flesh, vermin brown, graveyard earth, vermin brown, scorched brown, dark flesh, graveyard earth, vermin brown, then finally scorched brown.
Stippling is not brush friendly
Instead of investing in a stippling brush I figured my old drybrush would be suitable... As a matter of fact it was not. However the frayed end the resulted from the destruction of the brush actually produces a great pattern when stippling, so it all works well in the end.

Just a short post today to show off what I've been up to, I'm incredibly tired and so while I want to post about more I figure I better not so I can save it for later for a more coherent post. Stay tuned for army lists and fluff. Also last bit of info I figured I would share before I go, I've settled on a name for the sept that this army hails from, it is the Si'lan sept(pronounced see lawn)

Anyway thats it for now, tune in next time to learn more about the Si'lan sept and more of Jenn's crazy adventures.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Somethin smells fishy

My work so far...
So yesterday I got my first game with my tau in and I am quite happy with the results! The game was 500 points against Dark Eldar and Im beginning to think that the Dark Eldar codex was designed to give the Tau army a boost in competitiveness.

I took two units of six fire warriors, each with devilfish equipped with disruption fields, smart missile systems, and multi-trackers. As well as one battlesuit with TL missile pods and flamer and one Shas'el with TL missile pods and shield drone. The game was pitched battle with 4 objectives. He placed his objectives in cover, I placed mine out in the open. He took two units of warriors with various upgrades (I think both had splinter cannons and some 18" lance or something) both units were mounted in raiders and one was escorted by an archon with husk blade.

I won the die roll and game him first turn. he started with both raiders on the table in forward positions, I started with just the battlesuits on the table holding my devilfish in reserve. The game began with him moving his raiders forward trying to flank around the terrain my suits were in and forcing them out into the open I responded by playing hop-scotch with the battlesuits and focusing fire on the raider coming at my left flank taking out it's dark lance before hopping back into cover. Turn two saw him almost on my side of the table preparing to force me out in just one more turn, he also shot down my elite battlesuit leaving me just my shas'el. Conveniently, both devilfish decided to arrive just in time to prevent him from flanking. They rolled onto the table blocking off the raider coming in on my left flank and provided my shas'el two new pieces of terrain to hide behind. Before he went into hiding he took out the left raider. I disembarked one unit of fire warriors and opened up on the left raider throwing 26 strength 5 shots at it... and failing to do anything but stun it. Next turn he disembarks his archon and warriors and they assault my fire warriors, wiping them out. is other unit of warriors gets cozy in terrain covering an objective. With his Archon's unit' ass flappin in the breeze I opened up on them with both devilfish and the second unit of fire warriors while the battlesuit is busy taking pot shots at the warriors in the corner. The archon's squad is wiped out by my weapons fire. After that point it was just a matter of mopping up the empty raider and that last unit. The game ended turn 5 with me tabling him. I will admit it was a pretty unfair game, two raiders just have no way of defending against two devilfish backed up by two missile pod equipped battlesuits. That's all I have for you now, thank you for reading!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Necroing this blog

WIP Devilfish test model
Yeah I know, I pretty much fail at this whole blogging thing. I'll be honest I dont often have time to post too often anymore and the time I do have I choose to do other things. So unfortunately Im gonna have to go out and say it, Im not gonna be on too much anymore and my posts will be sporadic and mainly just for me. But I encourage anyone and everyone to comment if you feel the need to swing by on occasion and see what I am up to. Right now I am participating in my local Tale of 40ish gamers (started with 4 peeps... now we are up to 36 at last count and there are still a few days before it officially begins) And when I signed up there were 0 Tau players. I've been wanting to get back to my Tau roots for a while now and I figured this would be a perfect time to do so, my alternative was a Flesh Tearers scout army. My goal with this army is to make it into my local tournament army where they will actually stand a chance to win something and where there is only one or two IG players to worry about. Anyway onto the list:

Shas'el w/ TL missile pods, positional relay, 2 shield drones, and a hard-wired blaskfun filter

2x units of 2x battlesuits with TL missile pods, flamer
1 Unit of 3x battlesuits with TL missile pods, flamer, and 1 Target lock

3x units of 6 Firewarriors in Devilfish w/ disruption pods, SMS, and multi-tracker

3x Hammerheads w/ Rail gun, Burst cannons, D-pods and Multi-tracker

So an explanation: The tau army lacks many strong tournament worthy units capable of being 100% mobile all the time. So when it comes to my choices for this army I really only have three: battlesuits, hammerheads and devilfish. The idea of this army is to be constantly on the move taking pot shots at the enemy where possible but focusing mainly on staying alive for last turn objective rushes. The beauty of this list comes in it's KP mission strategy. In kp missions I deploy only the Shas'el, preferably in a completely hidden position where the enemy does not have line of sight. Her job is to simply not die and to act as a portcullis allowing only one Hammerhead a turn to enter play from reserves until finally on the fifth turn when the entire rest of my army comes on to lay waste to any fragile targets stupid enough to be within 36" of my table edge. This strategy banks on the Hammerheads toughness and firepower to take out any vehicles/ monstrous creatures the opponent may have on the board.

Anyway that's all I have for now, Any thoughts, comments or feedback are always appreciated.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Lurking still

So after gamecon I have been laying low just kinda taking a break from the world of Miniatures for a little while. However last night I built my first Dark Eldar Raider for fun (sexy kit) and now Im gonna paint my first Warmachine model (one of the cryx bonejacks). Im horrible about keeping you guys updated but then again im just horrible in general. Been kinda a bad week anyway, what with getting one night standed and whatnot. Alas, my bonejack awaits, let me see what I can do with it. In theory I will be updating this post later with pics and insights into my bonejack. Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I'm Goin to Vegas!

So it's official, due to low turnout for Gamecon Spokane, at the end of the first three round of play the winners of the golden tickets are assured. So even though I get to go and play all day tomorrow my golden ticket is locked in, I'm going to Vegas baby! There is still a lot of work to be done and some major reworking to my list before I get there, but I'm goin for sure. Anyway I just figured I would make a quick post about that because Im excited, now to get some sleep before day 2.