Friday, February 25, 2011

Necroing this blog

WIP Devilfish test model
Yeah I know, I pretty much fail at this whole blogging thing. I'll be honest I dont often have time to post too often anymore and the time I do have I choose to do other things. So unfortunately Im gonna have to go out and say it, Im not gonna be on too much anymore and my posts will be sporadic and mainly just for me. But I encourage anyone and everyone to comment if you feel the need to swing by on occasion and see what I am up to. Right now I am participating in my local Tale of 40ish gamers (started with 4 peeps... now we are up to 36 at last count and there are still a few days before it officially begins) And when I signed up there were 0 Tau players. I've been wanting to get back to my Tau roots for a while now and I figured this would be a perfect time to do so, my alternative was a Flesh Tearers scout army. My goal with this army is to make it into my local tournament army where they will actually stand a chance to win something and where there is only one or two IG players to worry about. Anyway onto the list:

Shas'el w/ TL missile pods, positional relay, 2 shield drones, and a hard-wired blaskfun filter

2x units of 2x battlesuits with TL missile pods, flamer
1 Unit of 3x battlesuits with TL missile pods, flamer, and 1 Target lock

3x units of 6 Firewarriors in Devilfish w/ disruption pods, SMS, and multi-tracker

3x Hammerheads w/ Rail gun, Burst cannons, D-pods and Multi-tracker

So an explanation: The tau army lacks many strong tournament worthy units capable of being 100% mobile all the time. So when it comes to my choices for this army I really only have three: battlesuits, hammerheads and devilfish. The idea of this army is to be constantly on the move taking pot shots at the enemy where possible but focusing mainly on staying alive for last turn objective rushes. The beauty of this list comes in it's KP mission strategy. In kp missions I deploy only the Shas'el, preferably in a completely hidden position where the enemy does not have line of sight. Her job is to simply not die and to act as a portcullis allowing only one Hammerhead a turn to enter play from reserves until finally on the fifth turn when the entire rest of my army comes on to lay waste to any fragile targets stupid enough to be within 36" of my table edge. This strategy banks on the Hammerheads toughness and firepower to take out any vehicles/ monstrous creatures the opponent may have on the board.

Anyway that's all I have for now, Any thoughts, comments or feedback are always appreciated.

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