Monday, February 28, 2011

Somethin smells fishy

My work so far...
So yesterday I got my first game with my tau in and I am quite happy with the results! The game was 500 points against Dark Eldar and Im beginning to think that the Dark Eldar codex was designed to give the Tau army a boost in competitiveness.

I took two units of six fire warriors, each with devilfish equipped with disruption fields, smart missile systems, and multi-trackers. As well as one battlesuit with TL missile pods and flamer and one Shas'el with TL missile pods and shield drone. The game was pitched battle with 4 objectives. He placed his objectives in cover, I placed mine out in the open. He took two units of warriors with various upgrades (I think both had splinter cannons and some 18" lance or something) both units were mounted in raiders and one was escorted by an archon with husk blade.

I won the die roll and game him first turn. he started with both raiders on the table in forward positions, I started with just the battlesuits on the table holding my devilfish in reserve. The game began with him moving his raiders forward trying to flank around the terrain my suits were in and forcing them out into the open I responded by playing hop-scotch with the battlesuits and focusing fire on the raider coming at my left flank taking out it's dark lance before hopping back into cover. Turn two saw him almost on my side of the table preparing to force me out in just one more turn, he also shot down my elite battlesuit leaving me just my shas'el. Conveniently, both devilfish decided to arrive just in time to prevent him from flanking. They rolled onto the table blocking off the raider coming in on my left flank and provided my shas'el two new pieces of terrain to hide behind. Before he went into hiding he took out the left raider. I disembarked one unit of fire warriors and opened up on the left raider throwing 26 strength 5 shots at it... and failing to do anything but stun it. Next turn he disembarks his archon and warriors and they assault my fire warriors, wiping them out. is other unit of warriors gets cozy in terrain covering an objective. With his Archon's unit' ass flappin in the breeze I opened up on them with both devilfish and the second unit of fire warriors while the battlesuit is busy taking pot shots at the warriors in the corner. The archon's squad is wiped out by my weapons fire. After that point it was just a matter of mopping up the empty raider and that last unit. The game ended turn 5 with me tabling him. I will admit it was a pretty unfair game, two raiders just have no way of defending against two devilfish backed up by two missile pod equipped battlesuits. That's all I have for you now, thank you for reading!

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