Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where have I been?

Well of course I've been entirely too busy lately, I've got this strange addiction to this game called WoW thats definitely been getting in the way of my hobby perhaps just a little too much lately. Top that off with work and working on getting a second job and unfortunately my favorite hobby is just not getting as much attention as I would like it to be getting. Regardless my Tau have come along way, I completed my army for phase 1 and phase 2 is well on its way, unfortunately my procrastinating has gotten the best of me so I do not think I will be completing the painting on time. Anyway, without further ado, my fully painted 500 point Tau force:
It's rare for me to be painting as much as I have lately, it takes great acts of will to get me to sit down in the painters chair so I am very proud of getting as far as I did. Anyway I figured I'd give you a quick rundown of the list and show you some closer up pics.
He's a little shy, very hard to get him to show his face in pictures.

 So first up we've got my Shas'el, leader of my little 500 point force and guinea pig for my Battlesuit paint scheme. It's pretty straight forward, the majority of it was done with the old brown and blue citadel inks. The sept colors for my army are spacewolves grey and blood red, you can see them in the lining and markings on the shas el as well as the missile casing.



To the left is the shas'el's  body gaurd, this is a work in progress pic before I had lined and painted the sept colors on to the model. I did a little bit of mod work slicing off the left arm at the elbow and repositioning it in a more imposing (and less static) pose. Above you can see the model from another angle with a comparison from the stock arm and the modified arm. The picture was taken while I was playing my first 1000 point game with the army against Spacewolves. Unfortunately the game just so happened to be a loss. apparently with three rounds of shooting two Hammerheads with railguns can't down a dread when hitting rear armor... Who knew? Anyway I carried over the paint scheme I used with my battlesuits over to my fire warriors. they turned out much better than the camo scheme I had originally planned on using for them. To my right you can see the first squad I completed. Altogether Im happy with the way the army is turning out and the devilfish more than surpass my expectations. Going forward I have added two railgun hammerheads and a Shas'o with a plasma rifle and twin linked missile pod taking me up to 1000. Only two more months left until the Tale of 40 gamers even is over, I plan on finishing phases 3 and 4 with no more hiccups. Below is the full 1000 point army before painting. I've finished the Chassis on one of the Hammerheads but other than that the rest still needs to be painted, wish me luck, Im gonna need it if Im gonna get it done in the next two days...


  1. Bah naturally the formatting I saved while editing this didn't exactly make it to final release, of course I ran out of time to attempt to fix it so unfortunately its gonna have to stay like this for now, hopefully Ill be able to come back and fix it soon...

  2. It's looking nice Jenn!

    WoW is the debil! It eats your time, then your soul! lol

  3. WoW will do that. Fortunately I don't have that much unpainted stuff for it to edge out, but I haven't been *playing* much of late...

  4. Always love seeing your updates on your tau hon, they are coming along wonderfully. If you ever need someone to chat with over skype or the phone when your painting, just for company, give me a call hon, I always enjoy keeping you company.