Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bringing the lash

Yet another tournament today, once again at Merlyns. It's kind of nice having a bunch of stores around each with a different feel. Merlyns is the hardcore store in the area with no sportsmanship or painting scores, just straight up battlepoints so I figured I would bring an actually semi-hard list for once. So for 1500 points I brought:

Daemon prince w/ lash, Wings, and MoS
Terminator sorceror w/ lash and MoS
10 Plague marines in a rhino, 2x melta, champ w/ pfist + Rhino w/ Extra armour
10 Plague marines in a rhino, 2x melta, champ w/ pfist
6 Chaos Marines, flamer, icon of chaos glory
6 havocs, 4x lascannons
Land Raider W/ Daemon possesion, 2x lascannon, heavy bolter

I'm restricted by models (because I'm horribly broke, being trans is not cheap and neither is 40k) so that's why only 1 rhino and I picked up the havocs used SUPER cheap so I figured might as well since I lacked any other real anti-tank.

I was expecting a ton of Mech and/ or tervigon spam so lots anti-tank was an absolute must.

So battle reports

First round I ended up getting a bye... which is totally fail and was the first nail in my coffin towards not winning. It counted as a minor with 1 battle point (14 points)

Second round I was up against mech eldar w/ 3 units of avengers, a unit of dragons, and a unit of scorpions in 3 serpents and two falcons. W/ Eldrad support and 5 spiders in reserve. The mission was black crusade from battle missions. I honestly can't remember the battle point mods but I know neither of us got any. I should have dominated this game based on statistics. He was a relatively weak opponent and I was able to get some decent shots at his serpents. The only problem was that even with all of my anti-tank weaponry all I could do was shake his vehicles. I dominated anything of his that got out but most of his stuff stayed embarked most of the game. I finally destroyed a serpent on turn 5 by assaulting it with a unit of plague marines and krak grenading it to death. but otherwise my phasers were set to shake.(not even stun...) I ended up pulling forward by 1 kill point but the mission still counted that as a draw. So end of round two I had a grand total of 24 battle points... I was going to have to get a massacre next mission or I was in trouble.

Mission 3 was prepared assault from battle missions. dawn of war deployment, 2 objectives. I hate this mission... the way the TO set it up is you have to control both objectives or the best you can do is a minor. This was going to be an uphill battle for me from the get go.

My opponent brought a list that would be hard for any other of my armies to deal with by far, he had:

Master of the forge, conversion beamer
Dread, assault cannon, dread cc, pod
Dread assault cannon,dread cc, pod
Dread multi-melta, dread cc, pod
Dread multi-melta, dread cc, pod
Dread multi-melta, dread cc, pod
Ironclad, seismic hammer and something else, pod
5 tacs in a rhino (not sure on special weapons on these)
5 tacs in a rhino
5 tacs in a rhino
like 6 scouts, bolters, camo cloaks.

This game could not have gone any better for me.
Turn one two MM dreads and an assault cannon dread pod in, scouts and MoF are hiding in the backfield.
I start with rhino 18" forward hugging the table edge (I was scared of the Str8 Ap3 blast from the mission) chaos marines w/ sorc 18" away from MoF
Turn one prince, havocs, and raider all come on, raider at 6" to get a shot with lascannons. foot plague marines in reserve.
Havocs run to hid in ruins but only roll 2, end up in a horrible position with limited field of fire and did little all game. Landraider fails to do anything, imobilized and Weapon destroyed in such a way that it was useless rest of the game. Rhino pulls around and meltas a MM dread to death, prince assaults the other MM dread, rips it to shreds. Sorc and tacs pull the scouts out of cover and just start picking off scouts all game. Long story short The prince ends up walking across the table killing 5 dreads total and ending up in 6" of opponents objective (battle point there) plague marines get blown out of their rhino and foot it the rest of the way to clear one of the two units on the objective while prince lashes the other off of it. I ended up getting a massacre with full battlepoints.

This was a tense game going to turn 7 if it would have ended any earlier I would have only gotten a minor.

As it was I scored 24 points for this game, making 48 total. It was enough to get me 3rd place. Overall I had a very fun and very tense tournament. My next coming up is the fight club challenge. This is the biggest tournament for me in the year and I am taking part of my vacation time for it. Unfortunately armies need to be painted for the challenge so I will be bringing my necrons, but I've got enough tricks up my sleeve to make sure that that isn't an auto loss for me.

I'm thinking I am going to be bringing the following list:
Necron lord, orb, veil
Destroyer lord, phase shifter, gaze, phylactory, chronometron, warscythe
11 Warriors
15 Warriors
3 Destroyers
3 destroyers
10 scarabs w/ disruption fields

anyway that's it for now, I'm gonna be talking necrons sometime soon.

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