Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Doubles tournament lessons

I won't be doing a tournament report on the tournament at hobby town mostly because that day just blew by. But I would like to note that the tournament was AWESOME. The turn out was huge compared to most tournaments in the area and everyone seemed to have a ton of fun. I learned a few things with this tournament. 1: I am not a good enough general to be able to take on two opponents and guide a teammate through the processes of the game. I took my roommate, Kayla with me to this tournament and she is still relatively new to the game. I had to be very careful about keeping track of what she was doing and not letting my opponents push her into making poor tactical decisions and/ or taking advantage of her lack of rules knowledge. We ended up going 0 and 3 but that is mostly due to the fact that we ran out of time in every game. We went to turn 2 first game (against horde orks, with another beginning player so it was doomed to happen), turn 3 second game (against drop pod marines) and turn 4 against footslogger marines with lots of shooting (they ended up taking best general... and worst sportsmanship) So the biggest problem there was that we were working on a reserve everything tactic so in only our last game did our whole army come in and we didn't have enough time to get into position.

Long story short I learned that time is very limited in doubles tournaments, almost no one finished their games throughout the whole tournament. As such I'm thinking that a gunline army might be better to bring in future tournaments.

I also learned that making sure your partner has a decent grasp of the rules is very important so you don't have to watch over their every move.

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