Monday, January 10, 2011

Post Dorkocalypse!

So last night's Dead Gentlemen Dorkness Rising/ Journeyquest double feature was a success. Lots of good publicity for the girls between the booth and the Dead Gentlemen themselves bringing the girls up on stage for the opening ceremonies. It was a fun night that was for sure... Of course it didn't leave much time for painting. But it's ok I did make some progress... Every model in my Warriors of Chaos army is built and ready to be primed and painted. Aaron and I will have two whole days of nothing but painting to work on the army and I'll have all week so it seems almost doable... Almost.Of course we are having a fundraising bake sale at Gamecon which seems like it's going to be a great money maker... I mean come on, gamers in a big room with junk food and cake? Sounds like a recipe for SUCCESS.

Naturally I wore my least flattering hoodie... It's how I roll. 
Yup its a shortun for today, tune in next time as my panic grows as Gamecon draws near... Should be entertaining to say the least...

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