Sunday, January 2, 2011

Someone has been painting!

Aaron, my painting pimp
So it's been a busy week for me, between work, and working on getting in with the D20 Girls (more on that in a moment) I haven't had much time for modeling/ painting/ playing. Today I had an opportunity to get some work done on my Warriors of Chaos in preparation for Gamecon. (which is only two weeks away I gotta get my ass in gear) My good friend Aaron and I went out to Gamers Haven today where we both worked on getting my Fantasy army painted. I realized that there is no way I'm getting this whole army done with my work schedule by the 15th so I hijacked him to help me work. Yes another person is helping me paint my army, but you know what... I'm lazy and I want to play.

 Anyway we made some progress today, we got the majority of this guy to the right's cloak done which was my first experiment with starting with orange and working my way to red (instead of starting with red and working to violet as I do normally) I have one last step to get him "finished" that will be drybrushing his cape to be more orange and stand out a bit more. Going forward I am gonna work on not letting the yellow dominate the upper back as much and making the red more apparent at the bottom. The main problem I am running into is that the purple and blue are just dominating the area around them.

 Here is the front side of the model featuring some of Aaron's brushwork. I apologize for the blurry photo btw, my hands are very shaky today because of my high caffiene intake. Making my images sub-optimal... Soon I will work on getting a decent place to take pictures and putting out some decent pictures at that. Anyway my goal with the front of my warriors is to make it so they are nothing special from the front, I want the attention to go to their cloaks since that is the primary theme of my army.  I am letting Aaron handle the majority of the fronts from here forward in order to get the army done.
 Here are two more warriors he worked on today... the painting he did on the shields isn't as apparent in these pics as I would like but they look fantastic. My pictures deffinitely don't do them justice. I still need to work on the cloaks for these guys, the guy on the left's cloak will start with blue and the guy on the right's will be another orange. The idea will be that the cloaks of each rank will start with a differnent color at the beginning in order to make the unit appear t be a rainbow from above. (hence the seven ranks deep unit)
 The guy on the right here is the main thing I worked on today, getting his banner and cloak painted. He will end up being my unit standard bearer (the one on the right being the BSB) the skull isn't done yet but will be painted in a similar style to the first model I showed you.

Finally here are the queens standing side by side all finished. The bases still need a little bit more paint but they look awesome in person at the moment. Anyway that is where I am at right now, Aaron and I will be making a lot more progress over the coming weeks and I will try and keep you posted as we go. Let me know what you think, also, let me know how you like this new posting format that I proudly stole from Brent. I promise I will get you better pictures in the future.


  1. yeah for the front of them they look really good i just wanted them to fit the plain for the from wile looking like they had some detail (as per jenn jenn's instruction) and should take more pics with a better camara because they do look amazing if i do say so myself but wouldn't be anything without jenn's beautiful rainbow fab work. happy to collab with a good friend and hope to have more in the future.

    sincerely; Aaron ''st!ksh!ft'' Groce

  2. They look good! I like the hints of blue on the armour, it's a damn sight more interesting than the Classic Boring Chaos scheme I used to use.

    As a caffeine fiend, might I recommend a tripod? Tripods are the saving grace for my dreadful photography, that and a self-timer so that the camera has time to settle down from my clumsy button mashing.

  3. Lol, these chaos are just FABULOUS -limp wrist-

    Love the rainbow work though, looks amazing