Monday, December 27, 2010

Lordly Lore?

So... As Gamecon nears my confidence in winning a golden ticket is beginning to wane, this is my last opportunity and frankly I'm not sure how well this is gonna go down. I went 1-2 in my last tournament, my first loss was decisive and lost entirely at the hands of my poor decision making. The second game began with my level 4 sorceress miscasting turn one... Then again on turn 2. Followed by me failing every single fear test for the remainder of the game. Needless to say luck wasn't on my side that game. Of course I know there were things I could have done differently to minimize how much these poor rolls would have affected me but I am far from skilled enough to have been able to recognize them at the time. My last game involved me rolling hellshriek as one of my spells (all enemies withini 18" make a panic test) against a goblin army... Yeah... Not my most earned victory.

So here I am less than three weeks away from Gamecon with a ton of painting to do and no decisive list put together. I am however attached to the idea of my sorceress Lord being mounted on a chariot. As such I currently have her set up with the following build:

Dayana, lvl 4 Sorceress Lord of Death
-Terrifying Mask of EEE!!! (Causes Terror, no inspiring presence)
-Diabolic splendour (Enemies at -1 leadership when taking fear or terror tests caused by Dayana)
-Talisman of Preservation (4+ ward save)

To go along with that my BSB will be equipped with the doom totem (Enemies with the totem in line of sight get -1 leadership)

Now for an explanation: In a perfect world one of my four spells would be Doom and Darkness, the idea behind this is that Dayana will cast D&D on an enemy unit that will be in her charge range next turn. This makes it so the enemy MUST dispel the D&D next turn or odds are that their unit is going to flee off the table by taking a Terror test at -5 Ld. Alternatively, against an enemy such as Dwarves with nothing better to do during the magic phase than dispel D&D I would set up a concerted Charge with Dayana and the Warrior block leading the enemy most likely at WS1 for the remainder of the battle (allowing for some heavy rainbow steamrolling). Of course against armies Immune to psychology these tactics won't work.

So lets take a moment to analyze our other tools shall we?

Spirit Leech: Mind war fantasy style. Honestly I'm not entirely fond of this spell. While it is capable of sniping off an enemy leader of a lower leadership army with ease, odds are I won't have any problem dealing with them anyway. I would like this a lot more if the leadership test were taken on modified leadership values instead.

Aspect of the Dreadknight: This spell suffers in the similar way that Doom and darkness does in that it is considerably less effective against enemies who don't do much casting. The fear is still useful when wanting to charge an enemy with just the rainbow steamroller. Of course this is just a 4+ spell and easily one worth just throwing a spare dice at for the off chance 3+ cast.

The Caress of Laniph: I like this spell alot against dwarves. It is great at sniping away those nasty runelords that are actively shutting down my magic phase. The great part is that this spell is relatively cheap being cast on a 6+ short range (another 3+ cast on a single dice for my level 4) It's great for punishing dwarf players for using up their dispel dice too early.

Soulblight: This is a nice spell to cast on a charging turn in order to soften up a unit for my marauders or Steamroller to shred and its flexible enough to be cast on two seperate units in case of a concerted charge. Otherwise it's not the most important spell for me to get off because most of the time I will just wipe out anything I charge anyway, but it's nice to have against more stubborn enemies.

The Fate of Bjuna: Like Caress only nastier. 2d6 wounds -enemies toughness  wounding on a 2+. Yes please Say good bye to your Runelord. (Can you tell the vast majority of my games have been against dwarf lists boasting massive amounts of anti-magic?) This is the kind of stuff that leads Dwarf players in this area to take anti-magic, if I get this off once against a runelord I will most likely wreck a dwarf army in the coming magic phases... If only i can get past the 5 spellbreaker runes...

Purple Sun: Think about this on a chariot for a moment. Roll it up to the flank of a Dwarven gunline, Channel it and shoot it sideways across their army rolling 6 dice for the cast. Odds are there will be a lot less Dwarves on the table. Sure pass that initiative test if you can.

My good friend, and WFB mentor Chris has been helping build my game to be the best it can be, as such the one army I know to fear most is the Dwarf army (his main army) I've been having him build the strongest tournament lists and the nastiest lists he can to play against me in order for me to learn where my weaknesses lie. As such the only real matchup I am prepared for is against Dwarves. This is where you all come in. I need help realizing my weaknesses point out where my thinking is wrong tear me down so I can see what I need to fix in my army in order to make it as competitive as possible for Gamecon. I've got all sorts of experience against dwarves, but what should I learn to fear of Vampires, Daemons, Elves and the like? What do I need to keep an eye out for? Anyway thats all I have for today I fear I'm just talking gibberish now... No more late night drunken blog posts I swear.

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