Thursday, October 28, 2010

Getting fluffy again

So last time I got fluffy I think I went a little too far off the deep end and a little too deep into the minutia...

Today I am going to go over the individual components of my army and take a moment to explain a little bit the back story of each unit.

Presently my Chaos army, the Spectrum Host, consists of: the spectrum entourage, Blanche's eyes, and the spectrum heralds

The entourage is Blanche, Dayana, and Mahalia's personal retinue of the cults finest warriors. Each and every warrior is a devout follower of the cult of Queens, and as such has been marked for greatness by Tzeentch.

Leading the entourage is the queens themselves as well as the nameless one, a champion who has been chosen to march at the head of the entourage as the bearer of the cult's icon.

Also, the eve before each procession one of the warriors is chosen to join Mahalia and Dayana in their chambers for the night. The following day this warrior carries the blasted standard to negotiations, this magical icon protects the entire procession at the cost of a little bit of the bearers soul with each impact, this warrior is marked for an eternity of suffering at the side of Slaanesh for the honor of being the chosen bearer of the blasted standard for one day.

The spectrum entourage marches not to war but to negotiation. As the cult grows in power they need bodies for sacrifice and population as well as resources for their ever expanding industries. As such the queens personally lead the entourage to ever more abroad areas in order to negotiation a surrender and the protection of these foreign nations in exchange for resources and slaves. More often than not their offers are less than generous and their negotiations are declined. It is in this situation that the entourage turns to martial means to get what they desire.

Each of the three queens are skilled warriors in their own right:
Blanche is highly skilled in hand to hand combat, she has many magical weapons in her possession and has the magical means to turn a battle in her favor. More often than not she marches to battle geared to protect Dayana with her many magical peices of equipment, but it is not uncommon for her to go with her spells prepared ready to do battle by more magical means.

Blanche is an extremely skilled devout of Tzeentch, she has harnessed two of the great changer's discs and forced them to her will, creating two portals into the warp directly connecting to Tzeentch's realm. It is through these portals, dubbed her "Eye's" that she feeds images of her battle directly to Tzeentch claiming a degree of his attention and demanding gifts and protection for her entourage. If any other god's attention were claimed this way they would most likely strike down Blanche for her hubris, Tzeentch however finds it amusing, and grants Blanche her gifts, for now at least.

Unlike the mother, Dayana and Mahalia have been marked by Slaanesh for their acts of violence and hedonism. They are less concerned with the goals of the cult overall and really are just looking for more toys to play with. Dayana is an extremely accomplished sorceress knowing much of the lores of both Slaanesh and Shadows, Mahalia however is considerably less powerful, she studies the lore of Death and has been granted some minor powers by slaanesh.

The Heralds of the host ride ahead in order to declare the arrival of the entourage, the men are messengers and little more, Blanche relies on them mainly as a distraction, although she leads them to believe that they serve a much greater purpose.

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