Friday, October 8, 2010

Something a little less Theoreticaltastic

So I haven't gotten so much as a comment on my SvT series, which makes me assume that it's only a subject that interests me... As such Im gonna take a break for a little while..

Anyway there is a 32 player two-day 40k tournament this weekend at the gamers haven and I figured I'd bring my Chaos marines and see how they fare. Gamers Haven is Legion of the damned HQ, and as such I will be bringing a much more balanced and fun list for the tournament. Anyway this is what I'm thinking for this weekend:

Chaos Marines 2000 points:

HQ: 450
Daemon Prince of Nurgle: 175
Wings, Warptime

Daemon Prince of Nurgle: 175
Wings, Warptime

Greater Daemon: 100

TROOPS: 1192
7 Plague marines: 261
-2x Melta, Champion W/ power fist, Personal Icon, Rhino

7 Plague marines: 271
-2x Plasma, Champion W/ power fist, Personal Icon, Rhino

6 Chaos Marines: 140
Champion, Rhino, Flamer, Icon of chaos glory

15 Lesser Daemons: 195

13 Lesser Daemons: 169

13 lesser Daemons: 169

Fast: 255
5 Nurgle bikers: 255
Champion w/ melta bombs, Banner of nurgle, 2x melta

Heavy: 75
Obliterator 75

So what's up with this army?

From the time of the release of the new clanrat kit I have wanted to use clanrats as lesser daemons for my nurgle army. They actually work pretty well, their small size accounts for the loss of survivability compared to a plaguebearer. (I refuse to field a toughness 4 plaguebearer) Also I originally wanted to go with a rat theme for the army. Well after picking up two IoBs worth of Skaven I finally have the models to make it happen.

As such I am fielding as many rats as I can justify, in this case 44. (41 clanrats and 3 rat ogres)

The idea of the army is to get up close in your opponents face with an all out rush turn one. drop the Daemon bomb on the opponent, and pull the marines out to race for objectives as the daemons keep the opponent occupied.

Bikes are there for an emergency champion/ banner/ harassment/ my pure love for nurgle bikers. Not to mention anti-tank, which I am in serious need of with this list (also figured if I'm going with a deep strike themed list, might as well have an obliterator to back things up.

What I'm really going for with this army is the surprise factor. Nothing like going from facing down three rhinos to facing down 60 infantry models all up in your business, I just like the oh shit factor personally.

Realistically this isnt meant to be an entirely competitive list, I'm just going to play and have some fun, I'll let you know how it goes later.

Let me know what you think: Genious? Epic? Epic Fail? WTF unicorn?


  1. I'm a big fan of lesser daemons, as well as most forms of icon-strike shenannigans. It's nice, as if even one icon out of the four get to where you want them, WHOOMP!

    It's just a shame DPs can't take (or just BE) personal icons.

    Clanrats as daemons definitely works. I plan to use a bunch of plague monks as nurgle mutants for an IA7 servants of decay army, with Rat Ogres as Plague Ogryn. Someday (looks at project list)...

  2. Well, it's different! What worries me is the prospect of an Imperial codex, with its ability to multi-task within Force Organisation slots, blowing your Rhinos and contents off the board before you've had the chance to drop the Daemons in. You're already struggling with Chaos, lacking combat squads or platoons or other ways to unlock your targeting options, and reducing your numbers to fit melee-only pieces in seems a bit, umm, challenging.

    That said, the rest of your thinking seems reasonably sound - if it works, it'll work well, and I like the idea of non-Plaguebearers as generic daemons. Miscellaneous bodily fluids for the miscellaneous bodily fluid god!

  3. By the way, I was interested in the SvT series: I just haven't been able to get online to read it! (I work in a school which filters connections to blogging sites automatically, see, so...)