Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Interlude: SvT Pt:2.5: Going at the right time

I don't have time to write a full Soft Vs. Tight article today, I do however have time for an interlude on a rules tool that I find very important: Structured timing windows.

Magic: the gathering Has a very strict order in which player turns are resolved, the turn follows an order something like this

Beginning of turn
Untap Step
Upkeep Step
Draw Step
Precombat Main phase
-Beginning of combat
-Declare attackers
-Declare blockers
-Resolve damage
Postcombat main phase
End step
-Cleanup phase
-end of turn

every action, ability, and spell can be performed at a very specific phase some, like instants can be used at any phase in which you get priority. (most phases) Others, like creatures, enchantments and sorceries can only be used during one of the main phases.

A similar system for 40k and fantasy would clear up the rules a bit and enable new design space for special rules and wargear. I have created a mock up to give you an example of what such a system would look like (Examples of abilities that would occur during each phase are in parenthesis):

Upkeep step:
-Beginning of turn (Eldar Psychic powers)
-Reserves phase (Roll for reserves, decide which models are coming on and the means which they are coming on, roll for table edges etc...)
-Pre-movement action phase (place reserves on the table via preferred means, movement psychic powers)
Movement Step
-Compulsory movement (Spawn movement)
-Primary movement (All regular movement)
-Special movement (Turbo-boosting)
-Movement action phase (psychic powers performed before shooting)
Shooting Step
-Compulsory shooting phase (Termaguants lurking shooting, crazed dreads)
-Primary shooting phase (regular shooting)
-Run phase (running)
-Shooting action phase (Using non shooting psychic powers that occur during shooting phase)
Assault Step
-Charge phase (declare charges, move chargers)
-Countercharge phase
--Compulsory countercharge subphase (perform charge response)
--Primary countercharge subphase (Countercharge USR)
-Pre-initiative combat phase (Banshees attack on charge)
-initiative resolution phase
--Specific initiative resolution (10-1) subphases (regular attacks)
-combat results phase (declare winners of assault, pile in, flee from combat, run down)
-post combat movement phase
-post combat action phase (Tau second jump)

Thats all I have for now join me next time.

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