Sunday, July 25, 2010


Finally I am able to make a quick post about what's going on and why I continue to not post.

You see, life can be chaotic sometime, and not in the fun 40k kind.

The tuesday before last I got into a disagreement with my roommate of a very serious variety and ended up leaving home for the best interest of all parties (and to avoid the police being involved, it was an interesting conflict to say the least) Since then I have been actively been looking for an apartment that fits my income to which I can relocate and I have spend the last two weeks (almost) without internet or 40k. I've going insane because Spocon is 5 days away and I having a whole unit of Immortals to procure, build, and paint. I need to get some serious games in because I have yet to even get a test game in with this list. There is a light at the end of the tunnel however. I signed a lease this weekend and I start moving in tomorrow. I'll be getting internet on tuesday and will be able to start posting then, depending on how much time I get to start getting things done.

Long story short: I'll be back soon.

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