Sunday, July 25, 2010

Fun photos from the past

So I have been unable to touch a computer for the past couple weeks and I have a lot of pent up energy for writing waiting to be tapped so I figured I'd take you through a whirlwind tour of my past 40k experiences and highlight some defining moments of my gaming career. So let's start at the beginning... List building.

I was an excited little girl, this was going to be my first game with my tyranids in over a year. The 5th edition codex had just come out and gamecon had just ended and I was on a 40k roll. So I paired up my new nids with some orks and decided to show my opponent how much more powerful 5th edition codexes are! Lol, actually I got my ass handed to me. This is when I learned that just because a codex is shiny and new and supposedly OP, it doesn't mean that you can take your army from the previous codex and be prepared to pound face with it right off the bat, you need to practice and learn the new army before you are ready to win. Notice my now ex-girlfriend obviously enjoying the wonderful world of 40k with me at the shop. warning: not all girls are like me and some really aren't interested in 40k no matter how hard you try. Note, these pictures were just randomly uploaded so there really isn't any rhyme or reason to this little trip down memory lane... So just go with it. This here is my second fight club trophy that I had won. I honestly don't believe I deserved it but, eh? I have it right? I do find it funny that this is the second trophy I have won with my Necrons. Someone must like them.
Here is a fun shot from Gamecon, I was teaching some players the ropes and someone came up and snapped a pretty decent picture of my gaunts on their way to fight some chaos marines, go little guys go! Trust me, they look much worse in person.
This is one of my personal favorite 40k moments, I can't remember the details but what happened was my opponent had cornered my necrons and was preparing to go for the kill, phasing me out, when all of a sudden poof my dudes were on the other side of the table and I won handily the next turn. I love veil so much, it is by far my favorite piece of wargear in the game. I certainly hope it stays after the new codex drops eventually. This picture is my finest example of Kill point denial
This is what's going on on the other side of the board while my other guys are dodging out of the way of a potentially killing blow. My lord and scarabs are busy eating the Baneblade alive scoring me three kill points and the win. (this particular scenario had a nuetral baneblade on the table that counted as an additional kill point for each structure point you removed from it) Destroyer lords with scarab retinues are just so much fun. especially when you get to feed them a nice big delicious tank. People always forget just how awesome scarabs can be at disabling tanks.
Finally we come to the worst moment in my tournament career. I learned an important lesson, just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. I was playing against an all bike army in a scenario using the sentry rules. Due to the odd nature of the scenario and his army I pretty started the game with an infinite number of turns and could deploy anywhere on the tabble that I wanted as long as I was at least 6 inches away from the opponent. (If he would have chosen to be the attacker and I the defender, the game technically could not have even started and I would have won for my opponent not having any models on the table at the end of the game. This is where you have to be careful with divergent rules. Anyway this is where my infinite turns ended with his guys finally spotting mine and calling in the troops. The problem was that once I realized I could deploy 6" away from my opponent I promptly did... Not even thinking of an alternative, I just figured I would fire away and wipe out what he started on the table with and then just mop up from there. Lo and behold, that was not the case... Apparently bikes with FNP are really hard to take down with bolters. Who knew? So pretty much I deployed 6" away from Korsarro Khan shot at him with my entire army... Killed 3 bikes then got cut down by assault and my opponent's two vindicators that rolled on the next turn... This is probably my biggest d'oh moment I can think of and by far a low point for me.

Anyway that's it for me today, I have work in a half an hour and I spose I should probably start getting ready, I'll catch you all next time. -Jenn

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