Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spocon this friday

The clock is ticking away and seeing as I am unable to do any work on my Army until I get moved into my new place I am really starting to feel the crunch. Spocon is slowly growing in size and this year with it being a golden ticket tournament I want to do my best. Of course the best intentions mean nothing if you can't prepare. I am planning on getting together with some local players to get ready for the con and have a paint day. I need to come up with a box of warriors before friday and my bank account is sitting at 3.07... So it's time to get creative with coming up with Immortals. My goal is to get them without having to have someone shell out for me to buy them, I hate begging as it is.
Of course my Necrons aren't the only thing that I am working on to get ready for the con. I have decided that this year I'm gonna get a little dressed up for the con so I don't look like a girl pretending to be a guy...
See me on the right> I promised myself I wouldn't look like crap again this year

Right now buying my outfits for the tournament is my primary concern. This is mainly because it's one of the few things I can actually work on. And I'm doing it all without money. Go go value village. So tomorrow I am going shopping with the resident Con Queen, and I will see what I can come up with.
The Con Queen, master of her Domain

For gamecon I made my best attempt to match my Necrons, for Spocon I'm just trying to look cuter (mainly because I am single this year and cons seem like a pretty good place to pick up a date... Right?)

Also don't worry, I'm totally not going to be girling out on my readers constantly, I just wanted to make a post because it's been so long and I finally have access to a computer. I also wanted to take the time to post more pictures of my world so as to convince more people to come to Spocon and Gamecon next year, I would love to see the likes of Brent up here for one of the cons so I can stalk him like he stalks Jawaballs. Of course I would love to see anyone from the internet community as well. And now that I don't have my roommates I'll be able to start putting people up for future cons (Gamecon is this January, you know you want to come)
One other thing I wanted to talk about in this post is recruitment to the 40k world. I have taken it upon myself to be the official 40k tutor of local cons in order to bring more players into the fold. I think acquisition is a very important responsibly the community needs to take on to ensure it's continued growth and I enjoy spreading the wonder that is 40k to all the people out there with disposable incomes that they can fork over to my friends at The Gamer's Haven, Merlyn's, and Hobbytown. This year I hope to co-op with Gamer's Haven owner Bob Kelley to get some people into the game and sell some black reach boxes and rule books at the con.

Teaching at Gamecon I ended up having to teach four players Simultaneously because of the demand for my services

Anyway that's all I've got for this post, stay posted for things that are actually 40k related in the near future.


  1. I always try to match my army when at a tourney. I feel like that should be on the score card too; "Opponent's outfit meshed well with theme []" I even made a pair of earrings out of Rippers.

  2. Love it! You totally made my day with the ripper earings thing... I have some forgeworld rippers just sitting around waiting to be mutilated.... You don't mind if I steal that idea do you? OMG Scarab earings too! I love it!