Friday, July 9, 2010

Gearing up for Spocon

So I only have three weeks left until Spocon comes and I am completely unprepared. My original plan was to get my chaos marines ready for the big shebang so I could show off my army and green stuff ability a bit... But now there is no way that's gonna happen. I have a grand total of three models painted and I am a slow and uninspired painter. So I am back to bringing my Necrons. Problem is even then I only have 1500 painted, and spocon is a 2000 point tournament.

My plan is to take my standard list as a base and add 10 immortals, a monolith and a single warrior. it leaves me with 7 points floating, but with necrons there is nothing I can really do about it.

My monolith is only one of two models I have ever had commission painted and the guy I commissioned to do it is taking FOREVER. I had him start in February of the year before last... So it's only taken him 2 and a half years but he assures me that it will be done by Spocon so we'll see.

So I just have to come up with 10 immortals. I'm most likely going to have to convert them out of Warriors or come up with some original design out of green stuff. Blech, either way it's gonna cost money and that is going to most certainly be the limiting factor...

One other thing I need to take into account is how adding these two units is going to alter my overall strategy. I won't be able to just pick up my army and move it to the other side of the table when my opponent gets near, I will have to leave some stragglers to be poached. I am going to have to play a little more offensively with this build, and I've finally got to get around to learning how to use a monolith properly after playing crons for almost 3 years... Enough avoiding it.

I can't rely on off putting people who are expecting an easy game when the look across the table at a girl playing foot necrons with no immortals or monoliths, I love the look on people's face when I beat them for the first time after they think they've been wiping the table with me for 6 turns.


  1. {^}

    However, I must express concern at the 'commission painter' - it does NOT take that long to paint a freaking vehicle.

    I'd be worried and/or annoyed.

  2. I'd fire him.

    By the way, did you delete a post or something? My wife referred to one and I can't find it.

  3. I would fire him if he wasn't an old friend of mine. And he does have a decent excuse, apparently wrist surgery does put a hamper on your painting skills.

  4. And yay double posting because I can, cause it's my blog (muhahaha)

    Yes I had deleted a post, it was the one where I was begging for free stuff and decided that I would be better off not having that be one of the first post people see of mine setting their opinions of me.

    Just curious, what was your wife referring to? I can always reinstate content from that post into future posts as it wasn't all begging.

  5. She was pretty miffed about my Unicorns Don't Exist article and said you could be a Unicorn if you wanted to.


    My mouth gets me in trouble sometimes.