Friday, September 24, 2010

Bad Karma and busy schedule

Apparently I have failed once again. When I signed up for the classes I am taking this semester, it didn't really dawn on me how much work they were gonna entail. I mean seriously, who would think that business law was going to be a heavy load class? Much less accounting and economics.

Add that to my work schedule and the fact that at any given point the most sleep I can get in a stretch is 4 hours... And you have a recipe for a very tired Jenn who is very burnt out and has no time for painting, and no inclination to spend any more time on the computer then she has to.

But alas there is a silver lining! Apparently there are these things called weekends where you don't have to actually do anything that day... Unfortunately I don't get those. What I do get is two days a week where I don't have school but still work and 2 days a week where I don't have work but still have school.

It is on those days that I can actually bring myself to get on the computer and type out some stuff that maybe if I'm lucky 13 people (at current count) will read. I will hope that I get comments, be slightly disappointed that I don't then go back to school where I get to enjoy being stared at all day by the majority of the people I walk by. (I like to pretend they stare at me cause I'm hot, not because I am very obviously a unicorn with NES print backpack and all... the two very prominent hickeys that my boyfriend and girlfriend decided to give me simultaneously doesn't help either... Woe is me.)

But you did not come here to hear me (read me) complain about school. You came to hear about some 40k/WFB goodness... and some of that I have.

First of all, I picked up a 1500 pt Skaven army at my local gamers haven for only about $90. That was pretty cool. I am very happy that the IoB comes with ~750 points and can be quite a bit more too. So now I have a for fun army that I will be using to teach my boyfriend and girlfriend how to play fantasy with. While we were there my boyfriend picked up a beastmen battleforce, two boxes of bestigors, and the beastmen army book. My girlfriend got her first box of daemonettes and inherited my old chaos daemons army book. The seeds have been planted.

I plan at some point to teach them both how to play tonight, playing a 500 point game my skaven vs his beastmen. Should be interesting.

Btw in case your confused: I am currently in a poly amorous relationship with both a boyfriend and a girlfriend. It's like getting the best of both worlds. Yes they know about eachother, yes we are all nerds. She comes from a background of RTS games and Magic cards. He comes from a background of MMOs and D&D. There's not a doubt in my mind she will one day achieve the rank of unicorn, as she does have all the prerequisites.

In 40k news I brought my Chaos marines to the merlyns tournament and had a lot of fun... I did not however, do very well.

Round one I played against the always awesome Jason and his guard blob list.

The mission was annhilation with dawn of war and Large blast template vortex grenade that will not dissipate.

That's right, once you throw it that baby will be floating across the table all game wreaking havoc.

I got the turn one assault lashing one of his blobs into my Khorne berserkers and Chaos lord, I was just out of range to get the prince in as well though. The assault went as planned and I wiped out upwards of 20 models to his... one. I have learned to hate commisars with an undying hatred this game. Stubborn guardsmen are a pain. it took the remaining three turns to finish the squad and I ended up having to reinforce the assault with a unit of plague marines.

He lit my army up a little bit with his twin basilisks and manticore... but through creative use of cover I took minimal casualties.

Turn two My nurgle bikers shot forward and dropped the vortex grenade right on top of his command squad, killing 7 of his guys outright.

This is where I accrued enough bad Karma to officially screw myself for the remainder of the tournament.

I then proceeded to LASH his huge as blob of 40 into the grenade... That is about the cheesiest thing I could possibly think of. Of course fate agreed with me and nerfed my roll to only 4, only killing 6 guardsmen of the blob.

dissapointed I then assaulted the blob with my prince and plague marines, while my bikes assaulted straken & Co.

I put straken down to one wound and finished off the rest of his unit before he did some awesome rolling and took out all of my bikes. I wiped out most of the guardsmen and he made up for my bad luck by failing is stubborn test twice and running for it, my prince cleaned up afterwords.

Turn 2 ended with just his tanks and mortar team on the table with two minimized squads of his in reserves. I am pretty much almost completely at full strength (minus the bikes).

Thats when the grenade decided it didn't like me. It proceeded to eat my army and I eventually get tabled as anything I had that got close to the tanks gets sucked up.

The remaining of the tournament involved lots of paying for my bad karma and losing horribly to Space wolves and guard.

Anyway I've overstayed my welcome in the school computer lab, expect more from me... eventually.


  1. Always love reading your posts. ;) Proud to be a follower of yours.

    Congrats on having a working triad!! Polyamory FTW!

  2. Thanks for the comment, this is why I post really.

    It's because I am an attention whore.

    Also thanks for the congrats, it's working out great so far. It's funny how it happened too...