Saturday, September 11, 2010

Looking for an ego shot

So I've yet to lose a game with my warriors of chaos list. Yesterday it was pretty close though. I asked the local fantasy guru to build the hardest list he could and gave him full access to my list in order to allow him to beat me down the best he could. I need to be able to find my armies weaknesses so I can shore them up. Anyway I played with a little bit of an experimental list. It is as follows:
2k Points

Lords: 400
lvl 4 Sorceress lord: 400
Skull of Katam, terrifying mask of EEE!, Diabolic splendour, Necrotic phylactery, Dragon helm

Heroes: 500
Battle standard bearer: 230Doom totem, soporific musk

lvl 2 sorceress of death:145
Power familiar

lvl 2 sorceress of death:135
Spell familiar
Core: 800
28 Chaos warriors with shields: 510
-Mark of Tzeentch, blasted standard, champion

15 Marauder horsemen W/ flails, javelins, light armour: 290
-Mark of Tzeentch, full command
Rare: 300
2x Tzeentch warshrines: 150 ea

I didn't think to copy his list down but he brought a very anti-magic heavy dwarf list with 2 special bolt throwers of some variety, a regular bolt thrower, an organ gun, and a cannon. There was a small block of some form of scouts that deployed behind my army and a big block of some form of baddassery holding his character that was nullifying my magic (kept stealing one of my dice a turn and had 2 dispel items and other cool goodies) as well as a block of hand gunners chilling next to his death star.

Mission was the one that is played long ways and terrain was sparse, he's a quick mock up of deployment:
I want to start by pointing out that I really need to work on practicing using my marauders well. I deployed them wrong and took a goofy unit size.

Anyway Chris went first and proceeded to light up the top shrine with his stealthy shooty unit and his cannon and a bolt thrower. Miraculously he was able to do two wounds to it (only because of the bolt thrower's D3 wounds rule. the other two bolt throwers killed enough horsemen to force a panic test and they fled off the table turn one (He used the far bolt throwers causing them to flee right off the edge.

The next 5 turns were painful as i slowly made my way across the long battlefield being shot to pieces. Turn 2 my warshrine assaulted the organ gunner and had it flee (Killing it). Turn 4 He successfully downed the top warshrine with tons and tons of war machine shooting and ended up killing 17 warriors by the time I made it to him. I ended up failing the first two charge attempts with my big block. (Thanks to the item that slows your charges) He dispelled all of my spells except three. One was just a leadership lowering spell (which he proceeded to dispel during his next magic phase), the other two were pit of Shades, the first one I got off to take out the cannon turn 4 the second to take out 13 of whatever his big block was turn 5.

Finally turn 6 I got the charge on his bolt thrower and hand gunners. and blew them off the table (The warriors had +1 Sv and +1 A from the shrines)

The game ended in a draw with him scoring 340 victory points to the 335 I scored. If the game had gone longer my warriors would have charged into his big block and desroyed it while my shrine went in for the flank/ rear.

Long story short, I have finally not won a game with my list, I was playing a scenario that was very bad for my army, against a foe that was prepared for most of what I had brought to the table. It was fun for me and I look forward to finally getting a whole piece of humble pie and not just a little taste.

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