Sunday, September 12, 2010

The road to Vegas

That's it. I've become quite determined that I am going to win Gamecon and go to vegas. I've been doing my best to really step up my game and I am actually painting models on a schedule for once

Right now my ideal time frame will be 1 rank (5 models) a week. That may not seem like much but when every cloak takes 4 hours... and every model in your army has said cloak... That's going to be a lot for me. Also, I will be going back to school fresh from academic suspension (I swear I will pass English one day!) so I will be putting a lot of focus on my studies. I do however have an hour between two of my classes that I will be stuck at the school... Maybe I will be able to get some painting done during that time.

My goal begins today. I've got 3 models painted for the first rank of my warriors squad and I have until Sunday to finish the other two. I am going to put a bit more focus on the front rank as every single model is a character and I want to make sure I put my best work forward.

Also, this upcoming sunday I have a 1500 pt 40k tournament. Word is getting spread around that the TO would like us to bring our most abusive lists and that this will be an 'ard boys style tournament.

I'm thinking I'm going to bring my Chaos Marines for this go around here's the list I have in mind:

HQ: 275
Lash Prince w/ wings: 145

Chaos Lord: 130
-Mark of Khorne, Pair of lightning claws

Troops: 801
8 Plague Marines: 279
-Champ w/ pfist, 2x melta, Rhino

7 Plague Marines: 266
-Champ w/ pfist, 2x Plasma, Rhino

9 Khorne Berserkers: 189

Fast: 255
5 Chaos bikers:
-2 Melta guns, Nurgle banner, Champ w/ M-bombs

Land Raider: 235
-Extra armor

It's a pretty straight forward list, although I would have preferred to change the plasma guns in the second plague marines to melta. Basic in your face Chaos using the LR to deliver berserkers and Lord to the front lines with the plague marines going where they need to do what they do. The nurgle bikers are the distraction/ anvil unit running up front and drawing attention to themselves (And hopefully taking down a tank) while the rest of the army gets in position. Prince is of couse in there for the fluff, it's not like he's very good at board control or anything.

Note: Yes I do know lash princes have fallen out of favor, I actually quite enjoy playing with them however and they are still pretty good at what they do.

Also keep in mind that the Merlyn's metagame is very Nid heavy and more often than not I end up playing at table one against Jason's blob Guard. So prince is still very much an effective unit.

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