Monday, September 27, 2010

It's all coming together

A while back I posted that I was setting myself on a a strict (for me) painting regime. It was a simple plan, one rank a week. Well you know what? I failed, miserably. Since setting myself on the goal I have painted a grand total of... No models. Apparently, taking business law is not conducive to miniature painting. But all is not lost! For despite my sheer laziness, progress is still being made (just not by me)

My basement as become a wasteland of half empty sprues and partially built army as Deanna's (my girlfriend) Daemon army, and Andy (My boyfriend) brings together his Beastmen herd.

They both got paid friday and decided to go shopping while I was sleeping. I wake up to see a Beastmen battleforce, 20 bestigors, two beastmen characters (don't know much about the army he says they are the dark omen and the one eye) in Andy's portion of the table. Meanwhile Deanna is working away on a second box of Daemonettes, two boxes of bloodcrushers, a box of horrors complete with changeling. Her fateweaver sits untouched as she complains that for some reason our glue isn't working, she has to hold the model forever to get anything to stick and when it finally does it glues to her finger and when she sets it down she just tears the part right off...

Ahh fledgling modelers, how amusing.

Apparently she also has Skulltaker on order as well.

I did end up wasting my weekend at Magic tournaments, winning the midnight pre-release at T&M cards, and placing in the top 10 at the much much bigger full-day prerelease at Gamer's Haven (Prizes only paid down to 8th unfortunately.)

So at least there is progress somewhere.

Also, a quick note because I find it amusing: My economics class is skate. I swear anyone who plays any MMO with any kind of regularity could pass ECON 100. And wargames help too, what with opportunity cost and the like.

So now I can play WoW or 40k and claim to be studying.

Take that people who think video games rot your brains!

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