Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jenn is a twisted fluffy bunny

So I was struck by inspiration (read finally got off my ass and painted something) today and I figured I would share it with you all. I've been spending a bit of time coming up for a backstory for my warriors of Chaos and this is the first installment into the fluff.

Reminder: I failed english 101... Twice... My writing skills aren't amazing so if bad storytelling is a turn off for you feel free to skip this one.

Anyway I would like to introduce my Army General: Dayana, The Queen of Terror.

(Yes I know, bad photoshopping and all I'm too lazy to do a really good job.)

Ruleswise Dayana is a lvl 4 sorceror lord of shadow with the blood of Tzeentch and Terrifying mask of EEE! (best named piece of equipment ever... other than the other tricksters shard that is)

Now for a little fluff...

In the seas off the northern coast of Naggaroth there is an island inhabited by a small chaos cult. The cult consists of the followers of the three queens of change. The most revered of the queens is Dayana, Queen of Terror. Unlike the other queens, Dayana was not born by a traditional pregnancy. Her birth was the result of a terrible ritual in which the greatest warrior of the tribe was flayed alive and kept alive and conscious magically for two weeks remaining. on the 13th day the winds of magic shifted ending the warrior's life and beginning Dayana's. She was born precisely at the peak of the shadow time (In the north there is a brief approximately month long period where the sun stays below the horizon) and for the first weeks of her life she knew nothing but shadows and darkness. Since her birth she has had an affinity for darkness and shadow magic. Growing up the other tribesmen feared her for she marked a change in the political structure of the tribe. Shortly after her birth, Blanche, the priestess who performed the ritual took power and became the new leader and queen of the tribe. Blanche raised Dayana as an overprotective mother figure, kiling all who displeased Dayana and setting their homes on fire. As time went on the tribe slowly came to refer to the queen as the queen of destruction and the princess as the little terror. Upon dawn of her 21st year Dayana was declared by Blanche to be the second queen of the evermore populous tribe. Eventually through magic and various brainwashing techniques, Blanche and Dayana became loved by the entire tribe from then forward being known as the cult of the Queens. Dayana, touched by slaanesh in her teens, grew to have a fetish for inflicting pain. It wasn't uncommon for her to select the most beautiful members of her cult (male and female) and force them to become her slaves. She took pleasure in binding her chosen and torturing them while she pleasured them. One day, during her 26th year of life she chose a beautiful girl of the age of 17 to be her next toy. Unlike her other chosen this girl, by the name of Mahalia, accepted her fate and did not struggle or even let out a cry as Dayana tortured her. Finally Dayana grew bored and left the girl for days tied up in her dungeon. Forgetting the girl Dayana proceeded to chose a young man next for her games. As she took him into her dungeon she realized that the girl had somehow escaped. Figuring she had fled Dayana proceeded with the fun until out of no where Mahalia appeared with a Knife, slitting the young man's throat and proceeding to overpower Dayana, binding and proceeding to torture her. As Dayana felt true pain for the first time she realized that the act of inflicting pain was not nearly as pleasure filling as the act of receiving it. As she cried for more she began to appreciate the beauty that Mahalia held. Finally Mahalia relented and Dayana declared her love for the young girl. Stricken by the turn events Mahalia agreed to free Dayana in exchange for Dayana staying Blanche's wrath. (Surely Blanche would have destroyed the young girl for what she had done to Dayana) As time went on the two women became twisted lovers and proceeded to marry. Blanche, seeing Dayana's love for Mahalia allowed Mahalia to become the third and final queen of the cult. As time went on Mahalia became to be known as the Queen of Pain, taking up Dayana's role as the torturemaster.

Anyway that is it for now... I hope you all enjoyed this look into my twisted little imagination world, I'll be posting more as I get more models painted up.

Oh and just cause I feel like posting the pics here are some finished shots of Dayana: (Yes I'll leave the corny photoshopping out...)

I apologize for the blurry pictures, My camera is my phone and that's the best I can afford right now, it actually takes better pictures in the hands of someone who's life isn't sustained only by caffeine (Read: Shakes a lot)


  1. I think it's coming along great, Jenn.

  2. Thanks! It's definitely a whole new ball game for me to be actually working on finishing and fleshing out an army like this... It's almost like I have to put down the unicorn and embrace the gamer girl in me for a little while...