Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Having Withdrawals

So the last two weeks have been very 40k/ WFB light. I've been trying to get a game of fantasy in desperately but as I have been pretty busy and my store is an hour drive away it's not exactly easy to randomly pop in and hope to find a game.

I have however been thinking about Fantasy a lot and I am working on finalizing a list for Gamecon Spokane 2011 so I can get started working on the painting and modeling that go along with it. Right now I am really liking this following list...


562 max for heroes or lords

Lords: 560
Lvl 4 Sorceress Lord of Shadow: 325
-Blood of Tzeentch, Terrifying mask of EEE!

Chaos Queen(Lord):235
-Soporific Musk, Biting Blade

Heroes: 521
Exalted Hero: 215
-Battle standard, Doom Totem, Shield

Exalted Heroin of Tzeentch: 145
-Book of Secrets, Lore of Shadow, Dispel scroll

Lvl 2 Sorceror of Nurgle:161
-Talisman of Preservation, Barded steed

28 Chaos Warriors w/ Shields: 498
-Standard Bearer, Blasted standard

5 Marauder Horsemen: 65

5 Marauder Horsemen: 65

5 Knights: 240
-Mark of Tzeentch, Standard bearer

Rare: 300
Tzeentch Warshrine: 150
Tzeentch Warshrine: 150

So the Idea of this list is fairly straight forward, I put the Sorceress, Queen, exalted Hero and BSB in the front rank of the big block of Warriors to act as a death star. The unit Causes all enemies with a line of sight to it -1 to their leadership, it also causes Terror and all units fleeing from the block rolls 3d6 and ignores the highest. The lore of Shadows sorceress and Hero are there to soften up any target enemy units and make my Warriors Str 8. The nurgle sorcerer is there to provide crowd control and insta-kill any deathstar units my opponent might have with the Withering/ curse of the leper combo. The Marauder horsemen and knights are there for counter charge/ war machine hunting. Finally the Warshrines are there for buffing the block, protecting it from counter charges and tarpitting.

I'm often told to drop down to one warshrine and I am not entirely keen on that idea. They are incredibly good at being a tarpit unit and the buff they provide the Chaos Warriors is huge. I figured I'd do some mathhammer to prove my point..

So shooting at the Warshrines:
-Str 3 shots: 72 shots = 36 hit (hitting on a 4+)s = 6 wounds (wounds on 6+) = 3 failed armor Saves (4+ armor) = 1 wound (3+ward) (288 Str 3 shots to kill)
-Str 4 shots: 54 shots (hitting on a 4+) = 27 hits = 4.5 wounds (wounds on a 6+) = 3 failed armor saves (5+ armor) = 1 Wound (3+ ward) (216 Str 4 shots to kill)
-Bolt thrower: 14.4 shots (hitting on a 4+) = 7.2 hits = 3.6 wounds (wounds on a 6+) = 3 failed armor saves (6+ armor) = 1-3 Wounds (3+ ward) (28.8-42.2 Bolt thrower shots to kill)
-Cannon/ Stone thrower: 3.6 hits = 3 wounds (5+ armor) = 1-6 Wounds (3+ ward) (3.6-14.4 Cannon hits to kill)

And in Close combat:
-Str 3 Ws <=5: 72 attacks = 36 hits (hitting on a 4+) = 6 wounds (wounds on 6+) = 3 failed armor Saves (4+ armor) = 1 wound (3+ward) (288 attacks to kill)
-Str 4 Ws <=5: 54 attacks = 27 hits (Hitting on a 4+) = 4.5 wounds (wounds on a 6+) = 3 failed armor saves (5+ armor) = 1 Wound (3+ ward) (216 Str 4 attacks to kill)

I think you get the point, odds are I'm not taking any wounds with my Warshrines unless they are hitting with str 5+.

The strength of this list is that it is giving up very little victory points over the course of the game (usually only knights, marauder horsemen and the nurgle sorceror in most games.) It's primary weakness is magic, but between a lvl 4 sorceror to dispel and a dispel scroll I've got some defense. On top of that there is a 26.04% chance that the block will gain a 3+ ward save against magic on turn one from the warshrine, (45.3% chance by turn 2, 66.5% by turn 3) Alternatively I can bump some stats in order to weaken the blow of spells that wound based off of stat tests.

Anyway that's it for today, let me know what you think. Poke as many holes in this as you'd like.

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