Friday, August 13, 2010

The eyes of Tzeentch

I wanted to take a different route with my warshrines for my Tzeentch army. I was inspired by a character from M:tg that I am fond of named Emrakul, the Aeons torn. Emrakul just has a very tzeentchy feel to her and I just like the big floating jellyfish aesthetic. I didn't want to straight up copy Emrakul either, and my original idea would be to just have floating eyes seeing as the warshrine represents a means for the gods to look in on the battle and to draw their attention to my warriors. So anyway without any further ado this is where the first one stands...
Above is a rear shot of the model, I am going to be painting and modeling the top of the disk as a giant eye with an icon of Tzeentch as the pupil.

The model does have a potential of 11 attacks in close combat so I figured many tentacles to represent that might be a good idea. I am kind of regretting the idea of including the head on there and I am most likely going to remove it for the final product. So pretty much from here I will be adding more tentacles and texture to the disk, while removing the head and perhaps hang some banners and/or chains from the outer edge of the disk. (the Eldar wraithlord kit has some awesome banners I want to use for this). So anyway what do you guys think? Is it looking good so far? Horrible idea? Is it Tzeentchy enough for the Tzeentch club?


  1. I think that's positively fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Hell yes that's Tzeentchy enough! I had a very similar Disc once - less tentacles, more trailing fire - and I like the logic of giving it more tentacles to correspond to its attacks.

    I do worry that it's going to be a little bit lost on the chariot base (assuming that that's the size base this thing-with-no-official-model is meant to come on, but it has a horse and a humanoid crew and then itself, so it probably does), but I'm at a loss for ways to make it bigger without losing the 'it's all the one thing' aspect.

    Looking forward to seeing the disc detail. A lot.

  3. I think it looks great - I know I'd love to paint it.

  4. Good to hear that people are enjoying my work.

    I didn't even think that it might be lost on the chariot base, so naturally I had to make one out of magic cards real quick to check. I will admit that the base is a little on the long side for it, however the model spills over the sides so I think that draws away fro the extra 20mm of length the base has. If I get any comments at all on the base size I might do something in the way of trailing fire to bring it closer to the aesthetic of a disk of tzeentch, otherwise I like it as is.

    I will get to work on the detail soon. I was running low on green stuff when I built this but I got a steal of a deal on a roll (Paid 4.75 for twice as much as you get from GW in their $10 blister)