Friday, August 6, 2010

Elites continued... Tomb Spyders?

his is a continuation on my previous entry on what I believe the Necron codex should be as a means to better represent the fluff and make the army less of a marine variant. I would like to take the time to point out that I am not suggesting that the changes I make are balanced for the current point values of the unit in the current codex. Frankly these changes are so radical that there in no way in hell that I am going to put my neck on the line and come up with point values for these new units. If you want to do so yourself, then by all means please do so! Let me know what you come up with.

It is my personal opinion that tomb spyders were done horribly wrong in the current Necron codex, so I have made some major Changes to them to make them much more in line with how I think they should be. Here's what I did, I'll run you through it all after you see the profile:

Elite Choice:
Tomb Spyders. You may take up to three tomb spyders per Elite choice slot.
WS: 3 BS:3 S:4 T:6 W:2 I:2 A:2 Sv:2+6++ Ld:10
Independent Character
Equipment options:
Each tomb spyder may choose two peices of equipment from the following list, if equipped with two particle beams it may fire both as a single weapon:
Artificer arm
Crushing claw (Power fist, a pair would grant +1 attack per BRB)
Particle beam

Disruption field

Special Rules:
Unearth (does not grant to units joined, but may be deployed with units that already have it)
Fearless, Artificer.

Artificer special rule: Units accompanied by a tomb spyder get +1 on any feel no pain rolls they are called to make.

Artificer arm: for each artificer arm a tomb spyder is equipped with, you may re roll one feel no pain roll per turn for any model in the same unit as a tomb spyder.

Particle Beam: two profiles: Str 7 Ap3 24" Heavy 2 Rending. Str 9 Ap1 36" Heavy 1
If equipped with two particle beams they may instead be fired with the following profile: Str 10 Ap1 48" Heavy 1, Twin-linked, Melta.

Spyders are here to act as unit upgrades for other units. They add some much needed fire power to any unit that they join and are flexible. One thing I would like to point out is that they purposefully slow down flayed ones and scarabs. Simply put they are just big and can't move as fast. I did this on purpose to make it less of an auto include to any unit and so it would change the dynamics of how the unit works when it is joined by a Spyder. (That and having an 24" threat assault range just somehow seems scary on something with 4 Str 8 attacks on the charge)

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