Friday, August 20, 2010

Welcome to the Gunshow

I have a 40k tournament this weekend that I need to get ready for. It's at Merlyn's so Im not worried about painting, as such I'm thinking about breaking my eldar out for the event.

It's been a while since I've played them and I want to get some Use out of my Seer council... The points limit is 1850 so this is what I think I am gonna bring:

1848 pts:

HQ: 813
Farseer: Runes of warding, Runes of witnessing, spirit stones, Doom, Fortune, Guide: 175
Eldrad: 210
8 Warlocks: 1 W/ Embolden & Spear, 7 W/ Destructor: 278
-Serpent: Scatterlasers, Shuriken cannon, Spirit stones, Star Engines: 150

Troop: 640
10 Avengers: Exarch, double shuriken catapults, bladestorm: 152
-Wave Serpent: Bright lances, shuriken Cannon, spirit stones, star engines: 170

11 Gaurdians: Scatterlaser: 103

10 Gaurdians: Scatterlaser: 95

5 Pathfinders: 120

9 Warp spiders: Exarch, double death spinner: 215

Heavy: 180
3 War-walkers: 6 Scatterlasers: 180

This is a very meta-game specific list. Tyranids are very popular at Merlyn's and I will face them at least for 1 round, if I am doing well I most likely will have to face them twice. If I end up winning my first two games, odds are I will be facing Jason and his foot Gaurd. His list is very tough and I am going to need lots and lots of instant death shots to take him out. You might notice that my army can put out 62 str 6 shots a turn. That should be enough to push through any of his shenanigans that he pulls with his guard.

The one matchup I am really worried about is Nick's Eldar. It's essentially the mirror match, the difference is that he has two more Grav-tanks in his army (unfortunately I only own 2) of course brightlances aren't exactly a good weapon to take against wave serpents so I'm hopefully I will be able to knock down is tanks via my torrent of fire.

Anyway I just figured I would put this out there, I will hopefully be able to take lots of pics and provide you with some battle reports. I've finally got some video capabilities so I might make a couple vids from the tournament. If you want to hear a voice more annoying then Brent's get ready, it's gonna be fun.

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  1. Yup, Eldar tanks are pretty formidable especially when you put holo-fields on them. They don't hit very well though. You might almost get away with ignoring them. Otherwise it looks like your HQs are going to be what will take them out the easiest, if you can catch them. You definitely look equipped to take on horde armies! That's something i have a weakness for in my own list, but the metagame here is quite different. Good luck!! :)