Monday, August 9, 2010

Up way past my bedtime

So it' three in the afternoon and for some reason I just drank an extra-large Baja Blast from Taco Bell. Doesn't sound like that bad of an idea until you take into account that I have been up since 9 o'clock last night and I have to get up again at 9 tonight. Sleep is necessary for those under the same regimen of medication as I and 6 hours probly isn't gonna cut it.

Not that that matters because I am up on my computer posting to my blog anyways because frankly... I just had a mountain dew that is going to destroy my metabolism.

Long story short I'm way past my bed time and I took some time to check out the new Isle of Blood minis on the GW website... And I must say.. I am disappointed. Don't get me wrong, The Skaven are gorgeous, and most of the elves are beautiful too. (that griffin almost makes me not want to hate High Elves) The problem is the horses.

It's just... Wrong.

I grew up in the boondocks, I've spent a lot of time around horses and I have a pretty good idea what they should look like. This is not it. That thing's legs should snap like twigs. It's rear is waaay too small and it's neck and front are likewise. This model is just... Bad. I dunno, maybe I'm just picky but still... Look at this for comparison.

I've grown up around horses and that's actually one of the main pulls toward fantasy that I've had. Honestly I've always hated dealing with them... But I think they are pretty (yes reminder... I am a girl) So it bugs me when it is so horribly wrong.

And I could understand if you said 'These are elvish horses, they are supposed to be different and skinny and frail looking' And you know what, I would buy that (but not the model, you can keep the model its ugly) The thing is you could do soooo much better than what they did, even with the limited moulding process that comes from making a box set like this.

Anyway I'm tired and cranky, I'm gonna go play with my Marauder horses (now those are fantastic models, I am proud to have them in my army, not like those sissy physically improbable poor excuses for equestrians that come in the box set.)

Look forward to pics of my Warshrine conversions coming soon. I've got the concept down pat... it's just time to get to the execution. So tune in hopefully tomorrow for your first glimpse at the eyes of Tzeentch.


  1. Wow. I hadn't seen those yet. That's a long legged horsie! Eww. I agree, that thing doesn't look quite ... right.

  2. The thing I forgot to mention was it's face. The flat sections are horrible too, horses have very rounded heads... I guess we can chalk it up to the sculptor trying to give the horse high elvish cheek bones? It's a lot more noticeable on some of the other ones.

  3. Remember that these are Elven steeds... a whole different breed (plus the usual caveats of being a world of rat-men, chaos daemons, etc).

  4. I can buy that, I guess I just don't like them because of their weird proportions and flat parts.

  5. They're alright....I'm not going to complain about them much when there's SO much more to gripe about proportion wise on models (have you seen the huge hamfists on the High Elf Models!?!?!?).