Friday, August 6, 2010


This is a continuation on my previous entry on what I believe the Necron codex should be as a means to better represent the fluff and make the army less of a marine variant. I would like to take the time to point out that I am not suggesting that the changes I make are balanced for the current point values of the unit in the current codex. Frankly these changes are so radical that there in no way in hell that I am going to put my neck on the line and come up with point values for these new units. If you want to do so yourself, then by all means please do so! Let me know what you come up with.

Destroyers, once again operate off the standard Warrior body with different upgrades and equipment, this one is pretty straightforward.

Fast Choice:
Necron Destroyer:
Jetbike: Unit size 3-12
Destroyer: WS: 3 BS:4 S:3 T:6 W:1 I:2 A:1 Sv: 4+ Ld:10
Destroyer Baron: WS: 4 BS:4 S:3 T:6 W:1 I:3 A:2 Sv: 4+ Ld:10
Gauss Destroyer: Str:5 Ap:4 36" Heavy 3, Twin-linked, Rending
Destroyer platform: Increases toughness by 1 (this is a hard increase, affecting Feel no pain and instant death) changes unit type to jet-bike.
The entire unit may be upgraded with disruption fields.
One model for every three in the unit may exchange their Gauss destroyer for either a Heavy Gauss Destroyer, a Warscythe, or a pair of Warblades. (Destroyer Barons may not take Heavy Gauss Destroyers)
One model may be upgraded to a Destroyer Baron, it may choose two options from the following list (both choices can be the same option if desired, if two guns are chosen they combine their profile)
  • Warblade
  • Warscythe
  • Particle Projector
  • Gauss Destroyer
Special Rules:

Weapon Profiles:
Heavy Gauss Destroyer: Str 9 Ap2 48" heavy 1, Twin-linked, Rending
Warblade: power weapon that grants +1 I and ignores invulnerable saves. (A pair would grant +2 I and +1 attack for having an additional weapon)
Warscythe: power weapon that grants +1 S and ignores invulnerable saves. (A pair would grant +2 Str and +1 attack for having an additional weapon)

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