Friday, August 6, 2010

Wishlisting Inspired by Fritz

So Fritz has been playing his wishlisting game over on his blog. I think this is something most Necron players do whenever they get beat down too much, I know I do. I have put a lot of thought into this topic and frankly, I think that the codex itself should be reworked considerably. Frankly I just see the current Necron rules as pretty much another marine variant. It doesn't really fit the fluff I've been reading entirely well either. So I figured I would post what I think to be a better ruleset for representing Necrons in a fluffy way and make them feel like a unique army.

First up: The warrior.
First of all the statline for the basic Necron should be reworked here is what I am thinking:
WS: 3 BS:4 S:3 T:5 W:1 I:2 A:1 Sv:4+ Ld:10
Gauss flayer: Str 3 Ap 4 24" Heavy 1, Rending.
-In close combat the Gauss flayer counts as a powerfist.
Special Rules:
Necron, Cold Efficiency.

Cold efficiency: Necron warriors never gain a bonus attack for assaulting, they also count as being equipped with defensive grenades for the purpose of being assaulted.

Necron: models with the 'Necron' rule gain the following rules: 'A reason to fear', Fearless, Feel no pain, and Slow and Purposeful.

A reason to fear: If an enemy unit suffers any unsaved wounds in the shooting phase from a unit with this rule they must take a morale check with the following modifiers: for each 25% of the unit that was wounded this turn by any units with this special rule that unit gets a -1 modifier to their leadership characteristic.
Also, if this leadership test is passed then the unit that passed it takes an additional wound for each unsaved wound dealt to them by shooting from this unit. (saves are taken as normal)

Example: a unit that began the turn with 12 models in it takes 1 wound from a unit of Necron warriors during the shooting phase. They must immediately take a morale check before anymore shooting is resolved, this test is taken at their regular leadership. They pass their leadership, they then take a wound but are able to take an armor save to prevent it.

Why these close combat stats?
Necrons are supposed to be slow methodical killers, they are not so much concerned with dodging attacks and parrying. Instead they weather incoming blows and and return their attacks with devastating force. Caves of Ice by Sandy Mitchell is probably the best description of a Necron warrior in close combat I have seen to date. In it, the warriors are slow to strike but they're close combat attacks with their flayers are devastating, cutting through the defenses of the guardsmen like a hot knife through butter. This is why the Gauss flayer counts as a power fist. To represent a necron warrior's complete and total lack of emotion/ excitement they never gain an attack for charging.

What's up with the special rules?
Necrons are in this galaxy for one purpose and one purpose only, to eliminate life. They are extremely efficient at this and are quite horrifying to face. The 'A reason to fear' rule represents this. Frankly if a Necron warrior is firing at you they are not wasting any shots, as such , any unit foolhardy enough to refuse to run for a hail of fire from a unit of warriors is quite likely to continue to take casualties as they make their stand. When I first played against Necrons I was amazed that they didn't Have the slow and purposeful rule. It's just so fluffy that they would have it, as such I have included it, which is good because their guns are so big and heavy I have changed their type from rapid fire to heavy 1 to represent their bulk. Of course Necrons are fearless, it just makes sense. Also, We'll be back and feel no pain are so close to eachother in terms of rules its just easier to streamline things and give Necrons FnP, hell they don't feel any pain anyway do they?

I feel this ruleset is much closer to representing the fluff behind the warrior. Now that I have gotten the basic rules of the Necron army in my head out and down I'm going to start going through each unit and show what I think they should in my world. Stay tuned for more. Up next: Necron Flayer Warriors.

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