Friday, August 6, 2010

Making the world only a little bit more colorful

So I decided to start work on painting my Chaos Warriors and figuring out what my scheme is going to be I had an idea of what I wanted to do so I just kinda winged it.... What follows is my journey from Primed black to Painted almost complete warrior. (I skipped the pic of the primed warrior, no one wants to see that.)

Warning, many pictures lay ahead because I am taking you step by step with fun and exciting narrative.

Meet Steve, the banner bearer of the Tzeentch hoard that is slowly mustering now in the north (Washington state to be exact) Steve began his transition with a new fur coat and banner both painted mechrite red. He decided that the coat was about the right shade but the banner needed to be brighter, so he went over the banner with blood red. Steve figures it's a good scary color that he could use to intimidate his enemies.
Here you see Steve's fancy new coat. He brightened up the cloak just in case he decides to run. So his enemies will naturally be afraid of him even if he is running. Besides, what harm could come from wearing red?
Steve heard that the blood angels just got a new codex not too long ago. He didn't want anyone to think that he was a copy cat so he decided to paint the banner orange. He figures orange is an awesome color for warding off enemies, it makes him look dangerous. He got kinda laze toward the top though for some reason... so it's still a little red up there...
Orange cloaks are all the rage down at the club scene in case you didn't know.
Speaking of the club, last time Steve was down there he decided to show off his moves. As he was out in the middle of the floor the nearby dancers told him that he was on fire! As in his moves are awesome... Not that he was actually burning. Because that would be quite terrifying...
That's where Steve got the idea to make it look like his banner and cloak flame a little bit. Nothing is scarier then a big guy standing in a crowd yelling "I'm Flaming!" I dunno about you but if I saw that, I most certainly would turn the other way.
I'm not sure where Steve got the idea to add green to the banner... He said he was gonna make it look as though he were flaming... I'm not too familiar with green fire...
I will admit, it most certainly makes him look good from behind.
OH! I get it, he meant that kind of flaming. No wonder you only ever see Steve in groups of guys. I mean would it kill them to have at least one female in their group so they didn't look so obvious?
He is most certainly starting to look pretty rainbowtastic from behind.
Finally we get to the purple! That's Jenn's favorite color you know.
Definitely completes the rainbow look from behind. (Quick aside, yes I know it goes RoygbIV but you find Indigo and violet in GW colors that look decent in a rainbow, not happening)
The rainbow banner comes to completion with a little bit of warlock purple to close things up and start sending them back towards the red end of the spectrum.
Here is steve in his near final glory. I went a little too far with the shield, I'm thinking about pulling it back a bit... the banner get's the rainbow theme by well enough.

So anyway what do you think? I wanted to go with something other than straight up blue for my Tzeentch models (one day I'll get a picture of my sorceror lord of Tzeentch on here to show you the original inspiration for the scheme) People who have been playing a little longer will remember that the old Lore of Tzeentch once had 7 spells each one corresponding to a color in the rainbow. I painted my original Tzeentch lord with Rainbow feathers in the back to represent this and I think it will make a fantastic looking army once it's all done and said.

Of course, once I came up with the idea of the rainbow army I couldn't pass down an opportunity to have a pride army. Definitely shows my personality a bit. I mean how cool is that, that I can integrate such a defining factor of my life into my favorite hobby.

Anyway that's what I've got for today. Stay tuned for yet more exciting adventures with your host Jenn! And look forward to more visits from Steve the banner bearer I think he may become the unofficial sponsor of the blog.

After all, you know what happens; once you get unicorns in the mix, rainbows are sure to follow.


  1. Woot!! I love it! The story and the colors. :) Cannot wait to see more.
    My old chicken of change was fairly close to rainbow colored. That brings back memories...

  2. Glad to hear it is enjoyed, I am going to hate this paint scheme after about... two more warriors. Four hours a model is so not my style. But it totally tickles me that I have a rainbow army in the works now so I am ok with that.

  3. Nice work on that banner!

    I think the shield might work better with a much darker background so the rainbow stands out more - at the moment the shine from the metal's drowning it out a bit. Gloss black might be worth a go?