Saturday, August 14, 2010

My first Fantasy Tournament is in the books.

Today was my first ever fantasy tournament and I had a great time. I went in this tournament not expecting to win any games and just wanting to learn as much as I can about the game. So I'm going to take you through all three of my games and tell you abou what happened what I played and what I learned. I'll have some pictures too when I get to them.
My list for reminders:
Jenn, Chaos Unicorn Sorceress Queen of Tzeentch (Why yes, I do have a fancy title, thanks for noticing)
-Mark of Tzeentch, talisman of endurance, Blood of Tzeentch
Hero:Jenn's Bitch, Sorceror of Slaanesh (cause he's kinky)
-Mark of Slaanesh, chaos steed, talisman of preservation
5 Marauder horsemen
5 Marauder horsemen
30 Chaos warriors (or 'that fucking unit' as it became to be known during the tournament)-Shields, Mark of Tzeentch, full command, blasted standard (<-Worth it's weight in gold) Rare: Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch: 150 Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch: 150 So, Game 1 was against a really cool guy named brad. I was very lucky to play against him first round because I had to ask a lot of questions and he even let me take back a few mistakes I made which was really a great way to start my second game of wfb 8th edition I've ever played (never did get another practice game in before this weekend). He was playing High elves and was kind enough to let me get a copy of his list: Heroes: Mage: sigil of asuryan, lvl2, talisman of protection Noble: Battle standard, armor of caledor, great weapon Core: 35 spearmen w/ full command 10 archers 10 archers Special: 16 Silver Helms w/ full command 11 Sword masters w/ full command Turn 1 started kinda iffy, he finished deploying first and ended up getting first turn. I forgot my vanguard moves with my cavalry. What a great way to start a tournament. (I apologize ahead of time for lack of pictures, I have a bad habit to forget to take them while I am playing.) He did some moving around with his units and got his archers in range with one of my marauder units. he opened up on them, killing three. They then panicked and ran, causing Jenn's Bitch, one of the shrines,and 'that fucking unit' to take panic tests. 'that fucking unit' failed theirs. Being only 6 inches from the board edge I hit despair 5 minutes into the game. I was just about to move them when Brad asks 'don't you get a re-roll?' I was so relieved when i went on to end of passing said re-roll, that would have been bad if my 825 point unit decided to walk off the field before I even had a chance to move it.

After that excitement during his turn mine was quite boring as I just did some marching forward.

Turns 2&3 were pretty dull for both of us as well, there was a lot of shuffling around and jockeying for position the marauders ended up rallying and making their way towards a backfield objective. the second unit got fired at as well but made their panic test.

Turn 4 is where the game started to get exciting. He begins his turn by charging 'that fucking unit' with his cavalry and getting the flank charge with one of his units of archers. He manages a grand total of 2 casualties on my end. I end up killing enough of each of his units that he loses by 4. He goes on to fail both break tests. The warriors pursue the silver helms, failing to catch them. While the archers run through his unit of spearmen, causing the spearmen to panic and break. My turn 4 begins with me charging the silver helms with my warriors, catching them and cutting them down. I charge the archers with one of my warshrines causing them to flee further. The other warshrine gets in position to flank charge the spearmen next turn.

Turn 5, Brad is able to rally his fleeing archers but the spearmen run off the table. I set 'that fucking unit' up to charge the building where his other unit of archers is while one shrine assaults the recently rallied archers. In magic I kill his unit of master swordsmen with Jenn by forcing them to attack themselves (great weapons are nasty). The shrine kills all but one of the archers but he manages insane courage so the battle rages on.

turn 6 was cleanup, 'that fucking unit' charges and obliterates the unit of archers in the building while my shrine kills the last archer. Game over Jenn tables her opponent in her first tournament game of fantasy (2nd game ever in case you forgot) Here is some of the carnage
I didn't get nearly as good of notes from the second game. I played Kurt and his Bretonians. it was an interesting game, 'that fucking unit' did it's thing again and just wouldn't die from a double charge, it took a unit of marauders getting a rear charge on his unit of Pegasus knights which had flank charged 'that fucking unit' in order to finally push the combat into a victory for me. My shrines did some hard core eating through his men at arms and knights errant. The game ended up going to time with me scoring around 800 victory points to his... 0. I didn't lose a single model. Also if the game would have gone further his big powerful bad ass knights (which contained his general) and his men at arms would have ran off the table while 'that fucking unit' would have moved in to take out his trebuchet and archers (there was no way they would have been able to deal enough wounds to keep 20 warriors from eating them alive). with the 800 point lead I end up getting yet another massacre with full points. This totally put me in a good mood when I realized that I most likely was going to win the tournament. I had 40 points going into round three where the average around the room was low to mid 20s with only one player in the 30s. His name is Taber, and we played round three at table 1.

He had a nasty Empire army led by a level 4 sorceror of Death in a huge blob of dudes with Halberds. He also had some sort of rocket launcher, a cannon, a unit of 30 greatswords, and a 20 man hoard of hand gunners.

Turn one he casts a boosted Purple sun and I barely fail to dispel. It proceeds to go 30 inches straight through 'that fucking unit'. He ends up killing 7 warriors AND Jenn turn one before I even have a chance to do anything. The game is pretty uneventful as he shoots everything he has at 'that fucking unit'. The number one thing I learned from this tournament is that 'that fucking unit' just does not take wounds from shooting. After weathering 3 turns of shooting and sorcery at toughness three I might add (due to one of the spells of death) I still had 17 models crashing into his blob. I deal a massive amount of wounds turn after turn winning combat only to have the unit be unbreakable. Finally I dispel whatever spell it is that is making them unbreakable and proceed to run them down. Meanwhile my warshrines make their way around to the back of the table and one gets a charge on the rear of his greatswords. I'm able to do enough wounds to tie combat a few turns until Jenn's bitch finally gets a spasms through wiping out most of the unit then allowing the shrine to overrun the swords. The game ends with him throwing models and me with a huge grin on my face. Yet another massacre (all I lost was Jenn and a unit of marauders) All he had left on the table was the hand gunners.

I end up winning the whole damn tournament with three massacres under my belt (57 points out of a possible 60)

My third round opponent somehow ends up taking second place despite only getting 4 points in that last round. I must say he was a very very bad sport. between throwing models and getting an attitude with me when I misunderstood a rule. I don't know why but I always have sportsmanship problems at hobby town. Which is weird because most of the guys there are pretty cool. This guy was pretty much a dick. Throughout the tournament he kept referring to me as 'he' which is the fastest way to get on my bad side. Nothing pisses me off more than the utter lack of disrespect a person shows when they pull that shit. Yes, I have tiny boobs, a muscular build and a deep voice, but I am a woman and when someone pulls that shit I have no respect for them. I have the strongest temper in the world due to having to deal with a lot of shit on a daily basis, but at one point I almost snapped and chewed him out, which is saying a ton when it comes to me.

I ended up winning enough to pay for a copy of the BRB (So excited, it's so heavy and thick, I would love to throw it at Taber...) I have $5 store credit left over with which to make due. Not a bad day (outside of annoying dicks) all things considered. I am definitely looking forward to getting more into the game now.

A quick note, I am exhausted and have to work in three hours and need a nap so I don't have time to attach all of the images, I will however add them in at a later point (I took about 40 to choose from)

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  1. If your final opponent Massacred his way through the first two rounds, it would probably explain how he managed to lose to you and still do well. Doesn't stop him being a muppet, though - there's being deceived by someone's looks, but after one's been told 'no, that is a girl' once, one shouldn't need telling again. The throwing models thing is juvenile, but... well, I've been a member of Tantrumers Anonymous for the last two years, so I'm not really sure I have the right to judge.

    Glad you had such a good time and got a good run out of the Warriors book. I can't seem to make them work for me (maybe I'm rubbish), but it does the heart good to see other people kicking arse with them.