Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramping it up

So after my success at this weekend's fantasy tournament I have been looking at expanding upon the themes of the army as I bring it up to 2000 and then 2500. I don't plan on going any farther than that primarily because I am quite fond of smaller points limit games. Ideally I don't want to go above 2000 but from what I've been hearing 2500 is the new standard and so I want to be prepared in case a tournament comes up which will require me to take it to that points level.

Anyway this is what I am looking at for the 2000 points level:

Sorceror lord of Tzeentch
-Mark of Tzeentch, talisman of endurance, Blood of Tzeentch, Favour of the gods.
Sorceror of Slaanesh
-Mark of Slaanesh, chaos steed, talisman of preservation, dispel scroll, Dragonhelm
10 Marauder horsemen
-Mark of tzeentch, Light armor, Throwing spears
30 Chaos warriors
-Shields, Mark of Tzeentch, full command, blasted standard
10 Chaos Knights
-Mark of Tzeentch
Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch: 150
Chaos Warshrine of Tzeentch: 150

Taking the list up to 2000 points I made a few changes.

The first change I made was a little trick I learned from the warriors of chaos FAQ. By giving my sorceror of Tzeentch the favor of the gods I made the warrior block that much better when it comes to rolling on the eye of the gods table. Now I get to change the results I roll by one when I am granted rolls by the warshrines for the units. This is something I would have killed for in the tournament this weekend as I kept rolling 8s and 7s, magic resistance 3 is nice and all but when I'm playing against an army without magic it might as well be an eye is closed result. being able to bump it up to a 9 to make my warriors leadership 9 would definitely be better and changing those rolls of 7s (nothing happens) to granting my warriors a 2+ armor save would be very awesome. The best part is that I get all of this for the low low LOW price of 5 points. What can your army do for 5 points?

Next I buffed my slaanesh sorceror up a bit. I gave him a 1+ armor save with the dragonhelm (another cheap upgrade, 10 pts) and gave my army some much needed magic defense in the form of a dispel scroll. I'm not going to be so vulnerable to spells that can wipe out my warriors in one fell swoop anymore.

the third change I made was combining the marauder horsemen into one unit and making them a lot more useful for something other than bad bait. now they are vastly more survivable (going from having a 17% chance of surviving a str 3 wound to a roughly 44% chance. Now they won't be mowed down by archers as they shoot forward to run interference. The are going to be much more better suited at harassing long range units now. Also I gave them throwing spears to give them a little bit more use as I found many occasions where I would have been able to do some damage with them in shooting if I hadn't dropped the spears for the original list.

Finally perhaps the biggest change I made was adding a unit of 10 Chaos knights.
The knights bring some serious hitting power to the mix dealing 15 str 5 and 5 str 4 hits in close combat. The nice thing is that they continue to have this hitting power even in protracted combats and are not limited to just being badasses on the charge. They serve as both a hammer and an Anvil unit and are most certainly worth their points. The best part is that if the opponent decides to focus their efforts on the knights that will allow the warriors some immunity as they cross the table to blow away whatever they charge into on the other side.

They do have one glaring weakness though that I am very much aware of. They are vulnerable to warmachines. since they only have a 1+6++ warmachine shots serve as a huge risk to the unit. The problem is that they are the obvious choice of target for the warmachines. It is obvious that any other unit (besides the marauders) in my army is most likely going to survive a stone thrower shot to the face, the knight most likely will not. I'm not sure if I'm being too worried about this but I do know that it could be a serious problem for the unit.

So that is where I am sitting right now for 2000 points, When I get a chance I will write up my 2500 point list and see what you all have to think about that.

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  1. In an effort at sage counsel before I give in and start the day, I suggest that you:

    - Split the Marauder Horsemen into two units (more flexibility, ability to block in two different places and shoot/charge two different targets) and give them the Mark of Slaanesh (is a Marauder Horseman really worth a one in six chance of saving? Better, I think, that they can stay in blocking position and never, ever panic from the casualties that they're probably going to take anyway). Plus it fits nicely with your mounted Slaanesh Sorcerer.

    - Somehow, try to get the Banner of Rage on the Knights. Frenzy that never goes away = never having to take Panic tests, being able to handle Terror-causing stuff with ease, and chucking out three attacks each so they remain a threat even if half of them are dead (which they probably will be if they're attracting the kind of fire you have in mind for them). While they are vulnerable to war machines, the thing is that the Mark of Tzeentch pays for itself if it saves just one Knight. I'd also give them a Champion; you've taken the Warshrine anyway, might as well make the most of those extra Eye of the Gods rolls.

    - Drop a Warshrine - you could spend the points on the Banner of Rage, and on extra magic levels for your wizards, if they don't have them already?