Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Tzeentch warhost is coming to bear

So my internet was down for a couple hours tonight so I had no excuse not to do some work on my fantasy army. I took some pics just for fun. I know that the pics I post aren't of the best quality, but I am broke so that's the best you get. At least I have them and I don't just leave you with a text wall.

At first I set out to see what the army will look like on the table, but seeing that there was only 5 horses and a smattering of warriors I figured I would take the time to actually build the models that composed my army so I can actually play and not have to say "oh yeah and those bases are horsemen... " So after getting the models built I lined them up again, once again being annoyed at how hard it is to move a unit of thirty warriors without a tray. So I decided the time is now to make me a thirty man movement tray. I started with 5 4*4 trays, of course have a unit 4 wide doesn't seem good so I went to work expanding the trays. I just so happen not to have a big cleaver and I didn't want to destroy my hobby knife in the process so I decided to use a box cutter razor. Of course the sheath got in the way so I went old school.
What could Possibly go wrong?

After slicing and dicing I finally have a usable movement tray for the first time in my fantasy career. Here you see the warriors enjoying their new home...

So that's what I have for now, I have internet again so I am gonna go waste some time with video games. Thanks for reading, I'll be reporting on the results of my first 8th edition game later today.


  1. Looking good - keep up the posting.


  2. I'm trying, thanks for the support!

  3. Nice. Certainly nicer than those dubious GW movement tray kits I was mucking about with the last time I tried to do Warriors.

  4. Which kits are you referring to? The Textured ones or the convertible ones? I've been told the convertible ones are fantastic. I can totally see the draw of the textured ones if you play a 20mm army... However if your playing a 25mm army such as mine they are a horrible pain in the ass, as I learned last night chopping them apart with a razor blade and regluing them. The look good now with models on them... Take them off and they are Atrocious.

  5. The convertible ones have their downsides. I ended up with lots of base and edge, but no more corners, and I seem to remember the edgey bits being a slightly awkward length that needed a lot of trimming (and I'm a bit cack-handed, so... yeah, mine didn't turn out looking so good). It might, conceivably, have been that my Warrior units were of slightly awkward width.

    Those textured ones are... I'll say they're very sixth edition and leave it at that. Brilliant until you need five models for a rank bonus.